If The Name Fitz


Anon writes:

Phibsboro residents were surprised (but not very) to receive this letter from ‘Councillor’ Mary Fitzpatrick, who hasn’t been a Councillor since 2014.

Cynics may note that this is her official 2016 General Election photo, and so appears to be a recent print-run, not a pre-2014 letterhead.

Cheeky or more sinister?

Only YOU can decide.

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20 thoughts on “If The Name Fitz

  1. ReproBertie

    Every FF election candidate in Dublins 9 & 11 have posters up about that meeting. #GE2018 has begun.

      1. ReproBertie

        Not that I’m aware of! She wasn’t even a co-optee, though she does have a history of flouting rules. Didn’t she put up posters for her failed Euro Election bid early?

  2. Liam Deliverance

    A lot of politicians creep and crawl out of the woodwork every now and then or when there is GE on the way, not a lot of substance about them otherwise


      1. Frilly Keane

        maybe tis time ta’ shake it up a little

        this is a public meeting
        all invited
        so get an answer, report back
        or better again record it and have BS.tv host it

  3. Jonickal

    Mary Fitzpatrick wanted to run in the council elections in 2014 and the European elections which took place on the same day. She knew she wouldn’t win the MEP seat and the council was a safer bet for her. But since you can no longer hold two seats it looked bad running for both and the party told her to pick one.

    Mary has run in a lot of elections and hasn’t won many, her last win being the locals back in 2009. Since then she has run in 5 different elections and has failed to win. Those being:
    – 2011 general election in Dublin Central
    – 2011 Seanad election on Administrativ Panel
    – 2014 European election in Dublin
    – 2016 general election in Dublin Central
    – 2016 Seanad election on Administrative Panel

  4. BobbyJ

    Surprised she used a FF letterhead. She tends to play down the fact that she is in FF. Not a hint of a party logo or a splash of green on her website. Do the wannabe FF politicians feel that the party brand is no longer toxic?


  5. Jibjob

    “Cheeky or more sinsiter?”

    I think it’s cheeky, but only because sinister is not a word.

  6. david

    Look at the bottom of the letter
    I do not see any reference to her being a councillor
    The top seems like off a poster
    Who knows cut and snip paste then put on a photocopier or then take a photo
    Then send it in
    It would be more believable if it stated she was tea shock
    Fake news

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