27 thoughts on “Don’t Die A Virgin

  1. some old queen

    Does it say anywhere that the virgins have to be female?

    Asking for a friend obviously.

          1. Frilly Keane

            no mean girl going on here

            shur’ look at his posts over the last 36 / 48 hours
            if that’s not pure blue-balls talk
            what is then?

          2. Neilo

            @Frilly: Don’t ask me, love, I’m well sorted in the ‘getting it’ department, he lied.

    1. wellness

      Tell your friend that long- limbed young men in flowing gowns, with shiny faces and Rapunzel- like golden locks can also be virgins.

    1. Tony

      No it isn’t and no it doesn’t. The sign mocks the silly idea of glory in the afterlife brainwashed into young terrorists by their gangster bosses. It doesn’t disrespect Islam, which has nothing to do with the silly 70 virgin nonsense despite what many islamophobes would like to think

    2. spudnick

      One source of joy for me on this site is how jimmey still hooks a few with every post, even after all this time.

      1. Neilo

        I think Jimmey’s posts are gags but they’re consistently great, so we’re all cool here.

      2. Tony

        ah Jaysus is Jimmy only taking the Mick? I just wanted to make the point about the islamophobia. Damn. The internet is hard so it is

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