7 thoughts on “Fantastic Beast

  1. Bertie Blenkinsop

    Oldie but goldie…..

    “A horse and a donkey meet in a bar one night, they get chatting and hit it off, the horse invites the donkey back to his place, they go back and all around the walls are pictures of the horse winning the derby, the Guineas, the oaks etc etc.
    So anyway they do the nasty and the horse suggests going to the donkeys house the next weekend, donkey is all up for it but he starts panicking thinking how he’s gonna impress this champion horse, he gets a brain wave and goes the zoo and takes a pic of zebra.
    The weekend comes and the horse comes round to the donkeys, he walks in and there’s this massive picture of a zebra on the wall taking up a whole wall,
    “what’s that” say the horse
    “ah it’s nothing” says the donkey
    “no tell me I wanna know” says the horse
    “ah I use to play for Juventus” says the donkey”

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