Needle Dropping


Some line-up.

In fairness.

Jenny Headen writes:

The first festival of its kind anywhere in the world, VINYL will present the people who made the records that would define not just a number of eras but also their respective cultures.

It runs from Saturday, 5 May to Monday, 7 May and will take place in the Royal Hospital Kilmainham, Dublin. Additions to VINYL will be unveiled over the coming weeks.

Tickets for this unique music culture event go on sale this Thursday (March 29) at 9am via



34 thoughts on “Needle Dropping

  1. Neilo

    Don’t really get the vinyl fetish. Best of luck to everyone involved but they’re giant coasters, albeit prettier than CDs. I realise that I will be burned at the stake for this heresy but I prefer hi-res streams.

    1. Friscondo

      Just buy the Pioneer PLX 500 and play a 35 year old piece of plastic on it and you’ll get it.

      1. pedeyw

        Yep. And stay well clear of Crosley Cruisers or anything that look like them. There’s a whole lot of cheap terrible record players out there, I’m not surprised so many people don’t see the point.

      2. Neilo

        Old enough to remember these slabs of poor-grade plastic the first time round – I think Sheikh Yabooti compiled his festive fifty on ogham stones, mind – and I’m sure they’ll sound just as terrible now.

    2. david

      Liste to vinyl on a seventies system with a decent deck
      One of the best experiences is listening to Beethoven victory symphony on deutsche gramophone
      On earphones
      A whole battle played by orchestra remarkable
      Or even the dark side of the moon

        1. david

          Beethoven my favourite composer
          In later life he was as deaf as a post and while he was the composed stunning works
          His fifth symphony overture was used by the BBC while all free men and women fought against the Reich
          as for Wagner the choice of the Reich it gave me nightmares

    3. Harry Molloy

      I like it mostly because it looks cool on my bookshelf and helps me time how long I’ve been reading, or studying.
      a couple of records is about 80 minutes studying in the evening, which is decent, and I’ve looked cool while doing it.

      1. Frilly Keane

        Tax exams in April
        CIMA May
        ACCA June

        Maybe QFA …
        But somehow I think you’re a grade up from that

        G’luck Harry
        And remember

  2. Neilo

    I also dig Eddie Piller and Martin Freeman – a very peppery character – as they’re both out and proud Mods.

  3. scottser

    i would love to sit and listen to billy bragg. and also have a goo at rory gallagher’s collection.

  4. some old queen

    The two that pop out at me there are Tracey Thorn because her new stuff is really good and James Lavelle because back in the day he really pushed the sampling envelope.

  5. david

    Now if they would of got a line up of Dylan ,plant mc Cartney,maybe jagger,johnny Lydon
    You could say shaped music
    Many of the true great masters are dead but come on half of these were just pop singers
    Maybe Simon Cowell and louis Walsh might drop in

      1. david

        Yep rip off Ireland
        And the z listers
        Watched a great doc on sky about Dylan Liam Clancy talks about the genius
        Directed by Martin Scorsese
        It shines a great light into how Dylan ticks
        He was some operator with the civil rights
        Watch it

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