Breaking Vlad


Russian embassy, Orwell Road, Rathgar, Dublin 14

RTÉ reports:

The Department of Foreign of Affairs has confirmed that one Irish diplomat has been instructed to leave Russia.

A spokesperson for Tánaiste and Minister for Foreign Affairs Simon Coveney said there was no justification for the expulsion.

He added that the department’s staff did not engage in activities which were incompatible with their diplomatic status.

Mr Coveney described the decision as “regrettable”.

On Tuesday the Government announced that it was expelling one diplomat from the Russian embassy in Rathgar.

One Irish diplomat instructed to leave Russia (RTE)

51 thoughts on “Breaking Vlad

  1. david

    Funny enough the Russians also said that as one of theirs was
    And the Irish government when pressed have not revealed what he was expelled for or even stated was it
    Parking illegally?
    Wearing a loud over coat in a built up area?
    Falsifying drink driving?
    Taking photos of Maurice mc cabe partying with sheep?

      1. david

        And what were they doing to be killed by Israelis in Gaza?
        Wearing loud over coats in a built up area?
        Stabbing pregnant Israelis?
        Killing soldiers?
        Firebombing the Israeli troops?
        The Israeli’s do not occupy Gaza, they man the border as Gaza is controlled by Hamas and Fattah, on the Israeli side.
        I wonder how many people in the middle east were killed today by EU armies airfares etc
        How many Islamic were killed all over Europe by security forces.
        Remember Ireland being part of the EU ,and contributing to the military budget, and members of PESCO, cannot sit on its high horse and slags off Israel because its also killing Muslims.

        1. dan

          You lack of insight into Gaza is astonishing. Have you ever been there? I have.

          They just man the border? That is obviously false, it’s really not worth responding to.

          Work on your spelling and sentence structure (and your logic).

          1. david

            I doubt it.
            Jews are very informed about anything concerned with Israel
            Evidently the closest you have come is the free Gaza stand on Grafton street. Dublin, which spouts the usual bile.
            The only time an Israeli soldier on the border,I assume you refer to that
            Fires his weapon or tackles someone is when they are attacked and provoked.
            Israeli’s or Jews do not enter Gaza for obvious reasons, so I have not experienced as a Jew ,Palestinian Muslim hospitality in Gaza .
            Sadly I have had reports from family living in Israel of stabbings shootings and murders by driving trucks and cars into Jewish Israeli citizens.
            They mirror attacks in Europe by jihadists who have adopted these Hamas style tactics to spread terror into whole communities.
            My advise is when you respond do your research ,read a few books and not the pamphlets that these groups hand out.
            For example ones claiming Jews are ethnically cleansing Christians in Bethlehem ,which was one I was handed.
            And before you start throwing stones at the glasshouse you apparently live in remember we are part in Europe we are members of PESCO and Islamic terrorists are shot dead all over Europe ,also many air strikes by EU air forces have brought misery to many Arab people living in Syria Iraq Libya
            And the death toll in all those campaigns supported by our country which has made the death toll in Gaza seem like a garden party.
            You see when the Israeli forces responded they responded in a far more responsible manner warning of the attacks first .
            Unlike EU air strikes and flushing out jihadist areas.

          2. Yep

            “Jews are very informed about anything concerning Israel”

            True. A large number are disgusted with the treatment of Palestinians.

          3. some old queen

            The only jew I know lives in NYC, lesbian, was tumbled from a tripod in front of a Patricks day parade and is pro Palestine. My sort of woman.

          1. jusayinlike

            No David, I didn’t know that, however I would like to point out that your bias towards Israel is very strong here..

          2. david

            Its not that simple and you know that
            Many Irish are disgusted by the treatment of travellers by the Irish
            I am for one a apartheid system from a glasshouse mentality like yours.
            Israel since conception has faced destruction from its neighbours and those same Palestinians or some of them on that march organised by Hamas who have reduced Gaza into a playground of death and suffering by non stop attacks on Israel, murders ,stabbings, the list is endless, were the same that left their homes because they refused to accept governance by the Jewish state.
            Many were told in 1947 by the Arabs that if you stay in Israel you are an enemy ,many intimidated to leave ,and yes as the killings started before a full out invasion retaliation by Jews did happen against Arabs, mind you look at northern Ireland and the tit for tat.
            Meanwhile hundreds of thousands of Jews were ethnically cleansed from their homes in many countries
            The list goes on
            This number of hundreds of thousands is rarely mentioned but check it out Google it.
            In 1947 a two state by two mandates was proposed
            The Jews accepted it the Arabs rejected it because they did not want the Jews to rightfully establish a Jewish state in the land of their forefathers.
            Read up about it
            And read up about the holocaust a European act of ethnic cleansing
            Where was Europe protection for Jews by these nations occupied by the Nazi’s and when the survivors returned back to what was once their homes they were run out and left with no other option but to defend themselves in their own land .

          3. jusayinlike

            David, if you want to lean on the completely illegal Balfour agreement and subsequent illegal deals that’s absolutely fine by me, buy your coming across as somewhat of a hypocrite. Do you support the current expansion of settlements within the Gaza strip and Jerusalem?

  2. Eoin

    You should read the official proof of the Russian plot just published by the Brits. It’s utter garbage and contains zero proof. I think this whole thing is going to backfire on any nation DUMB enough to expel diplomats based on the British governments claims, including Ireland. All Russian expelled should be reinstated instantly. This carry on by the Brits is dangerously stupid.

    1. david

      Bang on
      Watch the putin interviews on sky filmed by Oliver stone
      Ireland will regret this one and especially as it is becoming apparent Ireland did so on the instructions of the Reich
      Little Leo Verruca is basically the fraus puppet

    2. rotide

      Do you really really think someone other than Russia was responsible for the attempted assasination ?


        1. Nigel

          Hey jusayinlike thinks Clinton and Obama are part of a Washington paedophile ring that works out of a pizza parlour he knows from gullible and naive.

      1. GiggidyGoo

        No proof either way. Once there’s real proof, and not ‘we are convinced it was the Russians’ waffle, we can make up our minds.
        Why would they attempt to assist it’s the father and daughter ?

      2. david

        The man was a double agent
        He spied for both sides.
        Maybe the Brits decided that this guy harmed our country which did happen and they decided to take him out and put the blame on Russia?
        M15 ate no angels and the world of espionage is pretty murky

        1. Nigel

          Sure UK security services orchestrate a chemical attack on UK soil and if it was actually exposed – rather than just became the default assumption of Putin-puppies – it would bring the security services responsible crashing down. No angels is not the same as insanely reckless and dumb.

          1. david

            Why not?
            Look at professor Kelly who exposed the smoking gun?
            Oh that was suicide
            Then the civil servant in GCHQ who committed suicide then crawled into a suitcase and zipped it up in the hallway of his house
            Look, at the positive aspects regarding the fit for tat hostility that’s leading to another cold war.
            Even little Leo verruca has got in on the act purging a commie spy in the embassy in rathgar
            Mind you they were building a massive command centre under it and prime time showed all the aerial photographs of the car park showing it all
            You just could not make it up its comical.

          2. Nigel

            Wow all that stuff that happened a decade ago is cast-iron evidence of something that happened now! You couldn’t make it up!

          3. jusayinlike

            Nigel, the UK security services are proven liars, that’s his point. If you want to accept the words of proven liars without a shred of evidence your open to criticism.

          4. Nigel

            I have bad news for you about the veracity and credibility and past actions of Putin, also.

    1. rotide

      Takes photos of important documents with mini cameras disguised as fountain pens and romances ladies with highly dubious names. OBVIOUSLY.

      1. Lilly

        Ski away, Giggidy, looking svelte in black. Not a mustard-colored Michelin man in sight as they whoosh away off piste through powder snow.

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