Belfast-based Malone Rugby Club players celebrate a Easter Monday victory

Mark Malone tweetz:

Someone thought this was a funny idea. Someone printed the labels.

Two men posed for the photo as another snapped it surrounded by teammates.

Someone posted it.

Multiple opportunities for any man near to say “cop the f**k on

But no.

Malone Rugby investigates ‘inappropriate’ photograph (BBC)

46 thoughts on “Cup On

  1. andydufresne2010

    What better way to celebrate easter than to make fun of the sexually assaulted

    1. david

      Actually how do we know its not one of the lets destroy paddy Jackson mob
      Anyone could of posted that

  2. godIV

    To be fair, it’s hard to disprove “any man near to say “cop the f**k on”” didn’t happen. One bloke saying this might not be enough to deter the protagonists.

    1. Col

      Yeah, they don’t look like their response to “cop the f**k on” would be “You’re right. We’ve let ourselves down. It’s time to go home”.

  3. Deeply Conflicted SCT Rugby Head

    Cant wait for the spitroasting float at next year’s Spiddal’s St Patrick’s Day Parade.

  4. PlumBobSmearPants

    But they’re in a locker room so I suppose that makes it alright now that locker room talk is acceptable. Right?

      1. Frilly Keane

        sum’tings definitely creeping out’ve those drawers anyway

        btw lads
        if yere gonna wear tighties
        keep them plain
        like Dan Carter’s

        those patterned ones are a right turn off

  5. postmanpat

    I don’t get it? What is the morbidly obese guy with the boobs doing with the trophy? Surely a visual gag has to be coherent before its offensive. Is the guy on the left supposed to be shagging the trophy? Are they both supposed to be? Comedy fail on both levels. Lame!

  6. Neilo

    On first viewing, I thought ‘Paddy’ was using calipers to measure fat on ‘Stuart’ like they do in those sorority girl films (where the baddy is usually an Anna Camp or Bella Thorne type). The reality is somehow even more lame as Postman Pat’s indicated.

  7. George

    Sad, they even printed out there little name tags in advance to prepare for this hilarious gag.

  8. postmanpat

    Shouldn’t ‘Paddy’ be in the Castle Black library helping Jon Snow figure out a way to fight the white walkers?

  9. missred

    They printed the labels in advance? Like the gobdaws who tell you all day what a funny joke they are going to make in the evening.
    Also, fupp them.

    1. SOQ

      You can joke away but when it is the longest and one of the most controversial criminal cases in the North’s history, you do so at your own peril.

  10. The Dude

    Funny lads, for sure their mammies are proud. Particularly the specimen on the right.

  11. Peter Dempsey

    If you read the tweet replies, someone says that Malone Rugby Club is primarily working class.

    Oh-oh. Doesn’t suit the narrative of “Middle class = bad, Working class = good” that the Angry Left like to spout.

    1. SOQ

      You clearly don’t know south Belfast if you think there is anything working class about the Malone Road. It is the most expensive real estate in the entire city.

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