21 thoughts on “McGregor Jacket Guy

  1. Not On Your Nelly

    And we had a nice little streak going. This man does not make broadsheet a nicer place to visit. We know where he is if we want to watch him. We don’t. He is bad. And his content is bad.

    1. mildred st. meadowlark


      I hadn’t even missed him, but now I’ve had the displeasure of seeing his mug again I can say he adds nothing except maybe a little shiver of revulsion to my day.

    2. scottser

      now, if he did one of ‘a day in the life of david’ i might watch, if only to test my own patience.

  2. ahjayzis


    In centuries to come documents will prove what terrible secret this freak has on the BS crew.

  3. fFs

    Yes please stop, and with the cat compilation under and the monthly fails compilation this is getting a little like some sh*tty youtube channel. I scroll past always but ignoring doesn’t seem to be working. Broadsheet?

  4. Jeremy kyle

    Now this is what you call content. What’s his catchphrase, again? “get it into ya” or “up the arse”, can’t remember.

  5. reidman

    He is brutal, never want to see his smug bearded mug again

    But don’t compare failarmy to this guy……….. always good for a laugh – unlike this spanner

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