23 thoughts on “Are We Hot?

  1. tycho

    Fake News … for instance, almost half of Keith McMahon’s followers are fake, and those are the ones that can be audited. His reach is most likely a fraction of what he purports.
    Murray showing themselves as pretty stoopid to publish this, advertisers will swallo it though … eye roll.

    1. snowey

      huh huh….donald trump….(loud exhale)…huh huh huh….(increase vocal volume ) “DONALD TRUMP”…huh huh

      1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

        Is it close or closed brackets? I’ve had some wine with lunch and I’m feeling a tad woozy. Close, surely? Pfffffffrrrrrrrrrrt.

        1. Brother Barnabas

          no, it’s ‘closed’

          but that’s okay

          (when i was very little, i assumed cctv was “close” circuit tv because, you know, it keeps a close eye on you. i’m a lot wiser now)

          1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

            You know, since I posted that I’m already perkier. Booze, hah? Gas. I only had one glass. Two-pot screamer.
            Why were you thinking about CCTV as a child? Maybe you were like the Fresh Prince in West Philadelphia, born ‘n’ raised.

  2. filly buster

    amy o’connor is the biggest dose on twitter. i actually hate her. she’s a classic example of someone who lets on she’s for equality for all, but then unconditionally hates you if your a straight white male, before you’ve said anything.

  3. Bruce Wee

    Oh man, you made friends with ’em. See, friendship is the booze they feed you. They want you to get drunk on feeling like you belong….Because they make you feel cool, and hey, I met you. You are not cool….We are uncool. Women will always be a problem for guys like us, most of the great art in the world is about that very problem. Good looking people they got no spine, their art never lasts. They get the girls but we’re smarter… Great art is about guilt and longing. Love disguised as sex and sex disguised as love. Let’s face, you got a big head start…. I’m always home, I’m uncool. …The only true currency is this bankrupt world is what you share with someone else when you’re uncool. My advice to you, I know you think these guys are your friends, you want to be a true friend to ‘em, be honest and unmerciful. – You’ll be grand Broadsheet

  4. Bull Duggan

    Una Mullally – I doubt you’d want to spend the evening on the turps with her.
    Probably the dullest hack in Ireland.

    1. filly buster

      she did an article last week talking about how she couldn’t watch the 6 nations because of the two rugby players who were in court for rape. the kind of generalistaion she would go mad at if someone else did it. she’s a dose. also, she’s making a killing off the repeal movement which is sick. she wrote a book about women who had abortions, and its for sale, but the money doesnt go to anyone except herself. she even got hats made up. she’s the biggest hypocrite around.

  5. nellyb

    “Total Number of Followers
    Total Number of Retweets
    % Retweeted
    Total Number of Favourites
    % of Favourited
    Tweets per Day”
    “A person’s absolute popularity on Twitter (as measured by number of followers)
    The quality of engagement the user has with followers (as measured by the absolute number of retweets and favourites, and the percentage of these in the tweets analysed)
    The level of activity on Twitter (as measured by Tweets per day)”

    Are we talking about influence within twitter or are we talking about influencing real world via twitter? Is the premise of the analysis volumes = popularity = influence? I am not sure I understand what these graphs are really about… Doh!

  6. Frilly Keane

    I’m calling for a recount here everyone

    Using simple performance analysis x divided by y stuff
    here’s where We are on the Media Outlets we are royals…..

    using the following account info as of 4.30 ish today and only our reasonably equivalent benchmarks
    No of tweets Followers Following Likes

    Broadsheet 84,600 31,800 0 9048
    Journal 224,000 590,000 728 238
    Joe 191,000 432,000 7553 6536

    Number of followers/following: in ranking order
    1 Broadsheet 31,800:1

    2. Journal 810:1
    3 Joe 58:1

    1 BS 1 in 12
    2 Joe 1 in 30
    3 Journal 1 in 941

    Followers gained per tweet
    1 Joe .44
    2. Journal .379
    3. BS .378 Photo-finish Journal by .001

    so in 2 out 3 Broadsheet is no 1

    On the other Ticket
    I only went with 1 & 2, and Una cause I know ye like her,
    also ran meself (@frillykeane please ta) and Katie Hannon @KatieGHannon btw
    No of tweets Followers Following Likes

    Matt Cooper 22,600 183,000 1,614 6,758
    Gavin Reilly 128,000 51,800 7,039 937
    Una Mullally 97,600 62,900 373 6,964

    Katie Hannon 4,544 15,900 1,488 1,127
    Frilly 5,945 249 32 237

    Number of followers/following: in ranking order
    1 Una 1:168
    2 Mattie 1:113
    3 Katie 1: 10
    4 Meself 1:7.78

    5 Gavin 1:7.36

    Tweets liked
    1 Mattie 1 in 3
    2 Katie 1 in 4
    3 Una 1 in 14
    4 meself 1 in 25
    5 Gavin 1 in 136

    Followers earned per tweet
    1 Mattie 8
    2 Katie 3.5
    3 Una .64
    4 Gavin .4
    5 Meself .04

    I know there’s a bitta’ve Eurovision Voting look about this one but might be worth doing the whole field listed from 1st to 20th
    even for laughs

      1. Frilly Keane

        but shur’ one of them is in a pot with a Radio Station, A Telly Station and Print Media
        eff off would ya

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