Diamond Anniversary


Today marks a year since the untimely death of social activist Dara Quigley.

This Saturday, a Night For Dara will be held at The Hut, 159 Phibsboro Road, Phibsboro, Dublin 7.

The organisers say:

The night will comprise music, poetry and readings of Dara’s work which explore the themes of inequality and discrimination which were central to Dara’s inimitable social conscience.

Among those speaking will be Harry Browne, Izzy Kamikaze, Eamonn Crudden and more.

GSOC are continuing to investigate alleged garda mistreatment prior to Dara’s death.

A Night For Dara

Remember Dara

Thanks Naomi McArdle and Johnny Keenan

The following is a column written by Dara during the height of the irish Water dispute,

They said, when the water charges protest began, that it was a threat to democracy. As a human being, standing in front of a sea of humanity, it’s safe to say, they got that one wrong. We’re the ones saving democracy.

The government, the regime – they’d love to take voices, like mine, out of the equation. Voices at the sharp edge of austerity, voices at the sharp edge of a thousand economic cuts.

Let me save them some trouble. Tonight, I’ll be sleeping in a psychiatric hospital. Up until two months ago, I was dependent on methadone.

I’ve spent most of my life being controlled in one way or another.But, that does not make what I have to say any less important, any less valid or any less legitimate than what comes out of the mouths of the clowns and failed school teachers currently playing at being leaders.

They aren’t even a government. They are a glorified press department for EU officials, civil servants and insiders who operate under a veil of secrecy. Vulture funds and multinationals who operate in a protected environment of shadow economies and brass plates.

But we are seeing through the smoke and mirrors to what lies beneath.

The government, NTMA and NAMA have the cheek to tell us that they are acting in the best interests of the taxpayer. Which taxpayers? Because the people benefiting the most don’t seem to be paying much, if any, tax or contributing anything to this society.

We have a state broadcaster RTÉ, the R must stand for Regime because the state is the people.

RTÉ is outsourcing its responsibilities to the BBC. It took the BBC highlighting money bags changing hands to expose the corruption of NAMA. Selling our country off to vulture funds for the benefit of a select few….

…Natural diamonds are formed under extreme pressure and time. This regime has created a generation of diamonds who sparkle because of their flaws, not in spite of them. Diamonds are also tough and if you think feet on the street scare this government, voting terrifies them.

It’s time to take our responsibilities as citizens seriously. I’ve been to hell and back but the devil met his match and there is nothing in any of this to be afraid of, unless you have something to lose and that isn’t anybody standing here today.

…I know how much voting terrifies this government, I tried to collect more than one voter registration form at Rathmines Garda station. I was told it’s limited to one per person, this is simply not true. Who are the Gardaí protecting by limiting voter registration forms? Certainly not the citizens.

We are taught, from an early age, to fear revolution, we are told it leads to civil war. Does this feel like civil war to you?

Or does it feel like fun? Have some fun, report these crimes, march on your local station to register your whole area to vote and get out next Saturday for Repeal the Eighth march in Dublin.

Our economy and society is modeled on the behaviour of pigeons, survival of the fittest, everybody out for themselves.

The reality is more complex and beautiful than this regime can possibly imagine. In reality, we are more like a flock of starlings, producing intricate, amazing patterns all arising from one fundamental rule: no one bird is allowed to get lost.

This is the type of society I want to see, where no one person is allowed to fall between the cracks, nobody gets lost and no person is homeless. Jobstown are innocent.

Sparkle like the natural diamonds you are.

Diamonds Are Forever (Dara Quigley, September 2016)

8 thoughts on “Diamond Anniversary

  1. dav

    Thanks Dara, prepare yourself from the attack of the blushirts, akin to being ravaged by a rabid sheep…

  2. fFs

    I’ve thought about this too often, but does anyone know what happened to that garda that abused his power, position and this poor woman? – last I heard he was off with full pay and this still upsets me.

    1. realPolithicks

      If I had to guess I’d say nothing happened because nobody is ever held to account for anything in Ireland.

    1. Peter Dempsey

      Dara was a woman. Very different outlook and attitude to me but she spoke with genuine conviction and from the heart. I argued with her a few times but did like her. She is missed. Good to see her anniversary acknowledged.

    2. SOQ

      She. Despite your relentlessly negative postings, you really don’t know much about the other people who contribute here now do you?

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