Do Call It A Comeback


Before Easter, we asked you: what is the greatest contemporary musical comeback?

You certainly ‘rose’ to the challenge and answered in your tens.

But there could be only one messiah

In reverse order then…

Edwyn Collins – Home Again

Paddy writes:

The greatest comeback in contemporary music would have to be Edwyn Collins with Home Again in 2007 after his brain haemorrhage. He had to learn how to speak, read and play guitar after this sudden catastrophic event in his life.

The accompanying documentary Home Again showed how his love for music and a superhuman determination brought him back to us.

The Stone Roses – Breaking Into Heaven

ZeligIsJaded writes:

The greatest comeback in contemporary music would have to be The Stone Roses with Second Coming. I Can still remember my first listen – on my birthday, getting the CD on first thing in the morning before school, with the Big Breakfast on mute on the TV.

I was late for school, and listened to it relentlessly all day on my trusty Discman.The long intro to Breaking Into Heaven prolonging the agony, but it was worth every second I waited.

Rage Against The Machine – Killing In The Name

Custo writes:

Rage Against the Machine coming out of retirement in 2009 to nab the Xmas #1 and then go back on the road. Their gig in the Point on that tour was the best I’ve ever seen and ever will see.

Still get goosebumps thinking about the lights going down and the klaxons sounding, and then kicking straight into Testify and the whole place going fupping BANANAS for 2 hours with no let up.

Take That – Patience

Bertie Blenkinsop writes:

The greatest comeback in contemporary music would have to be Take That with Patience. Love them or loathe them, they came back from being laughing stocks to play massive stadiums…


Manic Street Preachers –  Everything Must Go

Yep writes:

The greatest comeback in contemporary music would be Manic Street Preachers with Everything Must Go. Seemingly dead in the water (too soon?) after the disappearance of Richey Edwards, fans felt the band should be disbanded while critics said they could never reach the artistic heights of before without him.

Instead of calling it a day, the now band of 3 went on to produce one of the defining rock albums of the 90s. Not only convincing most of their hardcore fans they could still do it, but gathering a whole new legion of fans while achieving mainstream success not thought possible before.

Thanks all.

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9 thoughts on “Do Call It A Comeback

  1. LeopoldGloom

    Edwyn for the actual rehabilitation, Manics for the music. Holy Bible and EMG are 2 classics. Some of what came after wasn’t great, though their last few albums are excellent.

  2. The Ghost of Starina

    Hooray for the Manics. I have an autographed copy of Everything Must Go on my bookshelf. Got it signed when i snuck into one of their gigs at age 17.

  3. ivan

    I missed out on this one but shurly there was an honourable mention for Maria by Blondie; they’d been out in the wilderness since 1982 and came back with this in 1999, and got a number 1 when that actually meant something?

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