Above: from left: Paddy Connolly, CEO Inclusion Ireland, Evie Nevin, founder of Disabled People Together for Yes , Finian McGrath, Minister of State with Responsibility for Disability Issues, Suzy Byrne, Disability Rights activist and D. Mark Murphy, spokesperson for Together for Yes.

This morning.

A launch by Inclusion Ireland, the National Association for People with Intellectual Disability and Together for Yes in a campaign to remove the Eight Amendment in the forthcoming referendum.

Together for Yes spokesperson Dr Mark Murphy said.

“Women with disabilities often have more complex medical needs. Normal, good medical practice would be that a woman is cared for by her own medical team at home rather than having to travel,”

The founder of Disabled People Together for Yes, Evie Nevin said:

“It is hard enough for able bodied people to access abortion, never mind the added barriers of accessibility, mobility, finances and illness that goes with having a disability.”

Together For Yes (Facebook)

McGrath critical of negative view of disability in referendum campaign (RTÉ)

Eamonn Farrell/RollingNews

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64 thoughts on “Inclusive

  1. The Ghost of Starina

    Love this. Cos the LoveBoth crowd don’t care about their disabled poster children after they’re born.

    1. david

      Strange parents of handicapped care nothing of their children
      My you are thick
      Maybe meet my sister in law with her mentally handicapped boy who found state cared nothing
      The same politicians advocating abortion on demand like boy Harris have bit by bit destroyed all services for these children
      My view is when you can legally abort all these potential children the savings will be colossal for the HSE

  2. Cian

    Together for yes passed the €500,000 mark.

    It is very moving reading the comments from people as the donate.

    All I can afford right now but I know this is a small amount in comparison to what women have to pay financially, physically and emotionally when they are forced abroad by a country that does not value their right to choice and quality healthcare. ”


    1. Cian

      Because my wife was refused painkillers for 36 hours when having a miscarriage. Because of the fear of the medical staff that someone would take legal action against them. ”

      I am donating for my very loved one year old daughter with Down syndrome so that she will have control over her own body and medical decisions. ”

      For the one I love, and the pain she suffered, suffers and will suffer. No more shame. ”

      Each cent represents one Irish woman who provided an Irish address at an abortion clinic in England in 2016, forced to leave her country to access healthcare. No more exporting the problem. No more stigma, no more shame, no more secrets. Repeal the 8th “

      1. mildred st. meadowlark

        Well, I’m crying. Not sure if anyone else is.

        I sincerely hope this translates to votes on the day.

        1. TheRealJane

          Yeah. I’ve shed a few tears these last few weeks reading about the horrendous experiences so many of our people endure in the wish fulfilment of a load of loonbags. I wish the pro life crowd could understand one thing: when you use human beings as tools for your abstract ideals or personal morals, tremendous, avoidable suffering is the result.

          1. david

            And to kill an unborn child is a very serious matter
            No joking matter and not something to be a casual thing to suit a lifestyle
            Clinton called trump voters a basket of deplorable you are doing exactly that to those who do not accept your argument

          2. mildred st. meadowlark

            Yes, it is a serious matter, david.

            And it’s very rarely a choice a woman makes lightly. Don’t demean that decision by dismissing it as a lifestyle choice. It’s never as simple as that

            And who exactly are you to decide on anyone’s behalf? It really is none of your business. How are you to know if a woman is going to have an abortion or not? A woman typically doesn’t begin to ‘show’ until after the 12 week mark, after the proposed limit on abortion. How could it possibly affect you if you don’t know and you cannot tell, and, as I already said, it it none of your business anyway?

          3. TheRealJane

            The other thing about 12 weeks is, that up to that point, you don’t really tell anyone you’re pregnant because of the very high risk of miscarriage.

            Even Mr Jesus doesn’t think that pregnancy is people before that point.

      2. Cian

        To the person who donated €2 and somehow (and wrongly) felt bad because it was so small. We will win this by 1000s of small gestures. You are inspiring. Much love. This donation is for you and others who make any and all donations. Heroes! ”

        It’s heart-breaking.

        My link above isn’t working:


  3. newsjustin

    Well done Inclusion Ireland. Handy securing your place in next year’s budget so far out.

    1. mildred st. meadowlark

      And the problem with them attempting to get more funding for the disabled is what?

      Because they support access to abortion?

        1. mildred st. meadowlark

          It couldn’t possibly be that the point being made regarding accessing abortion for those with disabilities is actually valid.

          I honestly think your prejudices are showing and it’s not pretty.

      1. david

        Yes it is a serious matter and laws are there to stop abuse
        I am talking about a segment who will use abortions a lifestyle choice
        Unfortunately this is the case
        In all societies

        1. Nigel

          No. It is not. Your disgust of women causes you to dismiss their lives as mere ‘lifestyles,’ of lesser value than, say, men’s lives, and as such not theirs to control. Instead control must be handed over to a higher moral authority, as represented by the 8th, which was placed in our constitution by the very forces and institutions responsible for the ‘holocaust’ you describe in another thread. You hate women so much, you are essentially putting them under the authority of the drivers of that ‘holocaust.’

    2. TheRealJane

      Justin, I’ve always considered you blinkered and misguided. But actually, you’re just a terrible person.

      1. well

        newsjustin first started to appear around these part when broadsheet posted something about Youth Defence they didn’t like..

          1. DeKloot

            Can’t quite recall but something is telling me it had to do with the Cribbens of Santry…. Now there’s a story.

      2. newsjustin

        Ah I’m not really. Broadsheet commentators are usually so wary and sceptical (which is a good thing). But when it comes to repealing the 8th, you guys will swallow anything “official Ireland” will shovel.

        1. Donal

          Official Ireland has run a mile from having anything to do with the repeal issue for 30 years. Some sections have jumped onboard in very recent years due to the tireless campaigning by grassroots efforts. No swallowing here

          1. painkiller

            They won’t risk going near it if it divides the party or the electorate – that’s Irish politics 101. The gay marriage referendum was the same. Labour pushed for it in the program for govt. FG could not have imagined how much political goodwill it created and it played out as though FG’s were driving it. People are already on Simon Harris’ back for getting ahead of himself with playing populism with his position on abortion on demand. People are more divided on this one. At the core, most people want to find a solution that ensures there is no repeat of what happened to Savita Halappanavar but abortion on demand was in the wings and the door has opened for the American left to interfere.

        2. TheRealJane

          Well, you are taking the stance of a group with an extremely vulnerable client base giving their view of the referendum with reference to how their clients will be affected and suggesting that they only have a cynical operative motive. I’m not sure, other than being a callous person utterly incapable of appreciating the lived reality of people whose lives aren’t all that often discussed publicly, you would do this.

          1. newsjustin

            I care about people. That’s why I’m keen that disabled people aren’t aborted. I’d have thought Inclusive Ireland would also have addressed this point, even if they did finally come down on the Yes side.

          2. Nigel

            But you don’t care that disabled women might be denied medical treatment because of the 8th.

          3. TheRealJane

            There is a very small number of disabilities that can be picked up pre birth and when you factor in those where people survive to an age where pregnancy affects them, it’s smaller again. However, the number of disabled people who could be affected by a crisis pregnancy is quite large. Surely you know this?

            In any event, your argument was that Inclusive Ireland are cynical money grubbers going for the cash regardless of anything else.

          4. mildred st. meadowlark

            Which is a disgusting argument to make if you have any experience at all with how hard life with a disability is, and how deprived they are of appropriate concerns across the board.

          5. realPolithicks

            Newsjustin keeps saying that he cares about people but his comments constantly suggest otherwise.

        3. scottser

          and ‘you guys’ keep trying to deny people access to medical treatment based on your dodgy ethics, which is a very dangerous road to go down. next you’ll be denying someone their methadone, or librium, or insulin all because you don’t agree with their lifestyle.

          1. david

            Abortion is a termination carried out to destroy life
            Medical treatment is to save life
            No women are denied medical treatment
            But they are denied an abortion
            Your argument is as stupid as your bigoted brain

    3. Daisy Chainsaw

      Sure those with disabilities are only good for antichoice poster fodder. They’re not real people to the so called “loveboth” supporters.

      Imagine people in wheelchairs having sex? Yuck, amirite? Or worse… people with Down Syndrome doing it! Ewwww!

      1. painkiller

        Well, if that’s what you really think of the less fortunate. Very ableist of you. You should consider checking your privilege. My Nana used to say if you have nothing nice to say, you should consider whether you need to say anything.

          1. painkiller

            I get the sarcasm but what was written was incredibly vitriolic and disrespectful to both the group she is attacking/accusing and the group she is using for her argument. I don’t get any sense from the comment that there is compassion for people with disability apart from using them to further her political stance.

            The comment was unhinged but honestly, what gives any person the right to assume such things about others and feel morally justified in doing so? The biggest laugh is the fact that people like Daisy does this fully believing they are some sort of moral arbiter.

    4. jusayinlike

      Justin whining about funding for the yes crowd, when the no crowd are propped up by the full financial arm of the RCC.

      Irony as per usual..

      Care to apologise for all the dead babies in Tuam and Bessboro while your talking about caring for the lives of people born and unborn?

      1. newsjustin

        People responsible for the deaths of babies in Tuam and Bessboro should certainly apologise.

        You’ll understand so that I don’t want to give my assent to facilitating the deaths of other children.

    1. painkiller

      if only we could find a way to get them to vote for Christmas…that would be a masterstroke..

  4. david

    Just think of the money saved for the HSE when during pregnancy they test to see if the child the mothers are carrying is imperfect, genetic testing will reveal all from downs syndrome for example
    Then the HSE can advise them of the choices available like abortion in a clinic near where they live
    This is abortion on demand

    1. mildred st. meadowlark

      Right david, answer me this, what exactly are these tests? How are they performed? Have you any notion at all? Or did you just take a half-formed idea inside that peanut you call a brain and run with it?

      Otherwise get out of here with your unsubstantiated nonsense.

        1. mildred st. meadowlark

          I am aware of what the tests are and how they work, having experienced a few during my own pregnancy. But thanks.

          Maybe david will take the time to read the link you’ve posted, and his opinion might contain less hysteria and more coherency. Because, as you say, he’s entitled to his say, yes – but the hyperbolic rants he posts, frequently filled with half-truths, don’t necessarily add to the debate.

          As to my manners… well, that’s entirely your opinion.

          1. painkiller

            My assessment is based on evidence: “….did you just take a half-formed idea inside that peanut you call a brain and run with it?”

            There is a lot of hysteria on both sides of these Repeal threads. People seem to be quite comfortable in making disingenuous assumptions about each other – and occasionally showing zero respect, all of which is bad for broadsheet.ie – normally a politically diverse platform.

          2. mildred st. meadowlark

            As I said, that’s your opinion. And I’ve expressed mine.

            I think we’ll leave it there.

          3. Rabid


            Call me presumptious if you like, but I think you are a single man.
            You and david seem to have a lot in common.

            That’s all I’m saying.

    2. Frill the 8th

      With Drive thru clinics n’all David
      I can’t wait

      My next daycent random knee trembler with be all the more special now

  5. michael walsh

    Phelan, with an address in Merrion Grove, Stillorgan Road, Blackrock, Co Dublin, admitted to gardaí that he had a “fair bit” of child pornography relating to young boys when his home was raided five years ago.

    He is a retired principal officer with the Department of Health and Children, the court heard.

    Only in Ireland.

  6. Sentient Won

    Another Minister abandoning his duty of care towards the constitution.

    These people are SICK!

    1. Cian

      what are you talking about? “abandoning his duty of care towards the constitution.”

      You may not have noticed – there is a Constitutional Referendum happening.

      1. Sentient Won

        In case you haven’t noticed the constitutional protection for the life of the unborn and their mothers is still in place. As such all government ministers (paid out of pubic purse) still have a duty to uphold and protect this constitutional provision.

        Not that amoral abortionistas care about the law: you want to destroy human life and call it healthcare.


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