7 thoughts on “They Add Character

  1. Diddles

    Many moons ago I lived and worked on an island resort off Australia. Staff were mainly backpackers. One of my colleagues, a Swedish girl had traveled throughout Asia on her way to Oz and on the way got a tattoo which she told us meant something very meaningful. That was grand until we spotted a young Asian couple pointing and laughing at her tattoo one day. Turns out it said silly wh*re

    1. david

      I wonder when people read this they will check out what this very artistic language means
      Bet we wild see the ambulance chasing solicitors putting on ads to attract clients
      So another compensation angle to make millions off
      Anyone who gets a tattoo would regret them when they get old, its faded and disgusting
      One of the great follies of youth

        1. david

          Bet you have Chinese for that word tattooed on your knuckles
          I just hate tattoos as they are for life
          Imagine how you must feel when you find out exactly what you have branded yourself with
          Now that’s joyless twit

    1. david

      Maybe some muppet tattoo artist picking out attractive looking designs ,that will then brand his clients with them

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