Repealing In The Years


Free May 5?

Aileen Moon writes:

There’s a group of us running a 90s hits EXTRAVAGANZA called ‘U Can’t Touch This’ on Saturday, May 5th in Foley’s Bar on Merrion Row [Dublin 2]. It’s to raise dolla bills for Together for Yes.

Enya, TLC, Reebok, The Fugees, Glow Sticks, House of Pain, Italia 90, Nirvana. All the very best of the 90s in one night.


Any excuse.

Tickets available here:

8 thoughts on “Repealing In The Years

  1. Science

    It’s a bit late to be raising money now. They should have had their war chest finished months ago.

    The whole thing smacks of some kind of fad or fashion. Jumpers and gigs but no actual canvassing or campaigning beyond twitter.

    1. Daisy Chainsaw

      €500k raised in 4 days last week. An amount any SIPO registered antichoice group could only dream of raising from their Irish supporters. This is grassroots at its very best. Money publicly and honestly donated by Irish people, no need for fake nurses with fake statistics astroturfing with American gore porn peddlers.

    2. ReproBertie (SCU)

      I’ve seen Repealers canvassing in four different areas on my way to and from work over the past fortnight. Haven’t seen a single Retainer though.

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