He Will Forsake You


The Irish Songwriters Podcast Special edition.

Host Ray Heffernan (podcast cover above right) writes:

During a recent interview, Robbie Williams told a version of a story that involves me and, for whatever reason, he omitted a few important details that I feel are pivotal, so I took the opportunity to tell the full story….


Irish Songwriters Podcast

Thanks Fiach

7 thoughts on “He Will Forsake You

  1. Bull Duggan

    What a leech.
    He got paid off for a tiny input into a massive hit and complains bitterly that the ” media ” keep bringing the story up so he does a podcast bringing the story up again and ends by saying hey Robbie lets make magic again.
    What a whiny loser.

    1. John Kerrigan

      Not a tiny input. Listen to the podcast again. He responds to RW and gives his side of the story.

    2. Joe

      You’ve clearly missed the context of the podcast. Williams tells a story that paints Ray as a liar and a bit of a mental case but Ray sets it straight. Known the guy 15 years and never heard him being the story up like this. He’s just defending himself in the face of Williams slighting him over it. Can’t pay a guy and then claim he had no hand in the song

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