21 thoughts on “NO, Come Round The ‘Back’

  1. TheRealJane

    It seems a weird setup. You can watch someone on the toilet from the sofa but not watch the TV from the toilet.

    What we’re they thinking?

  2. Spud

    ‘Our kitchen is open’.

    Odd kitchen, given it has no cooker, fridge or freezer from the looks of it.

    For perennially single folk who love having dining staring at a wall…

    1. kellma

      Yes, that is what struck me too… No hob (not even a two ring one!), oven or fridge unless one of the few presses in an integrated fridge.

  3. Mrs Fanny Power

    Plenty of room to park two bicycles, but not enough room to keep a dog.

    Is there enough room to wheel out the Wheeliebin one wonders. It’s not exactly tumbledown shack territory but it’s getting there.

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