44 thoughts on “Tricolor Desafiante

  1. mildred st. meadowlark

    Stop showing off, Brother B.
    You prat.

    SOME of us can’t afford a holiday this year.

  2. Rabid

    I’ve been to a lot of places in my life.
    I’ve never seen 3 things in close proximity that were green, white and orange.
    If I’m ever so lucky I’ll send in the photo.

    I just want people to know the three colours exist.
    It isn’t about me.

  3. Bernie

    Rabid, post up a few Sly, Robbie, Spicy Chocolate, Crystal Kay and Beenie Man tunes ffs, you know you want to…

    1. Rabid

      You mentioned ONE song there and made it look like four or more…., one by Sly ‘n’ Robbie & Spicey Chocolate, ft. Crystal Kay and Beenie Man.
      It’s called ‘Love On My Mind’, in case you forgot.

      You know a lot about Reggae, don’t you?

      I’m only posting it to upset you, whether you like it or not.
      It’s a good song.

  4. Rabid

    @ Bernie / Anne / etc.

    Yeah, okay.

    I’m still gonna keep my best songs for my friends, and none of you are one of them.
    I’m doing this to annoy you. You ARE NOT my friend.
    I am NOT your buddy.
    You are not my pal, etc.

    1. Rabid

      I understand the irony.
      If I say nothing, you have nothing to say in response..

      I want you to say more.
      – Now That’s What I Call Ironic.

  5. Bernie

    No, not Anne. I’ll send my email address to BS 2mo, forgotten my password on my old one.

    Don’t be getting contrary, goodnight.

    1. Rabid

      Goodnight Anne.

      Don’t send anything to BS.
      I won a competition once. They asked for my address to send me my ‘prize’.

      I’m not stupid.
      Don’t be stupid.

    1. Rabid

      Nah, yer alright Bernie.

      I already have enough mates.
      And even if I didn’t I’d die before I’d search for a new one in Limerick..

      True Story.

      You can’t fool me like this. I don’t understand why you try.

  6. Bernie

    It’s all the truth but you’d prefer a conspiracy, clock off now and sleep well, night.

  7. Bernie

    I give up, up in a few hours, time for bed. That was the least personal thing I could say to jog your memory. Have a good night and be good.

  8. Bernie

    I didn’t take any notice, the GAFY2mo gave me a good chuckle. We got there in the end lol.

    I tried there earlier but I can only remember part of yours, send an email address to John in the morning for me.

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