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  1. Catherine costelloe

    Humbled at dignified Vicki Whelan. So sad. This time HEADS SHOULD ROLL and Minister of Health should demand resignations in HSE immediately.

    1. Sheik Yahbouti

      Catherine, this has all happened before. I was personally involved in bringing cases in the 90’s for women who were victims of the same type of error.

      1. david

        And if this is women ,what about the men and their cancer tests
        I would say a hornets nest has been stirred
        Its time the HSE was disbanded and those who failed just sacked
        I bet the legal settlements run into the billions and its time this was made public knowledge

      2. Catherine costelloe

        I sent a press article to Mr Harris last year on a hospital porter who served 7 years for gbh with intent and walked straight into a job as a hospital porter. He was arrested for having a machine gun hidden under floor boards years later , still employed at hospital at the time. I queried vetting. He referred my letter to patient advocate group. I subsequently got a letter from University Hospital , Limerick. ” It’s a private matter”. Tip of iceberg I’d say , no accountability , gravy train for useless management.

    2. GiggidyGoo

      All we get, and will get, are empty platitudes. The Minister For Health – how come he wasn’t the one to stand up and try apologizing in the Dail? Or Doctor Varadkar? We got Coveney with his ‘terms and conditions apply’ apology and explanation.
      This HSE, Tulsa etc set up stinks to high heaven. Whoever took the decision not to inform needs to be sanctioned and brought through the courts. Whoever was responsible for writing the procedures that are in place between the HSE and doctors, likewise.
      Day in, day out, the HSE are in the headlines. People suffering because of them. Settlements being made – but no one responsible? Our money of course pays these settlements, is it any wonder no one in the HSE management seems to give a damn?

    3. david

      My point exactly
      It will not happen
      And better still maybe they should do a little exercise as to what proportion of these women were private health versus public health and medical card
      Bet the results would be just as outrageous
      The HSE is unfit for purpose

    4. SOQ

      The HSE are now employing agencies to process adverts. All applications must be printed out then delivered in paper hard copy only. No digital trail so.

  2. Shayna

    The Yanks are poised to make a bid to buy Wembley Stadium, it would never happen to Croke Park – right, am I right, or am I? Zuckerberg has felt my wrath already, I’m no longer on Facebook. The GAA is about to suffer from a with-held £20 membership fee.

    1. bisted

      …control at Croke Park seems to have shifted…they seem driven by profit at any cost and have already broken their agreement with neighbours by holding more than three non-GAA events this year…are bonuses being paid?

      The only consolation is that the Stones concert appears not to have sold out…I’d like to think this is partly due to boycott following their support for the apartheid zionist regime…

      1. david

        If a big enough offer is made ,money talks.
        Its time the government ensured this cannot happen and use the millions upon millions pumped in by our taxes in grants etc, as a measure, by passing a law making them have to repay it back if the asset is disposed.

      2. david

        Yes ban the stones and ban bob Dylan because he recorded ISIS
        Quick look under your bed a Jew is hiding there

          1. Janet, I ate my Avatar

            don’t encourage him
            fairly poor attempts there this morning
            must be pre coffee warm-up,
            isn’t anyone else fed up with every thread being hijacked by negative nonsensical pebbledash poo ?
            Time to give the Leather Jacket treatment until a new wondrous avatars emerges

          2. david

            What the comments about the latest HSE scandal?
            Fine ,what ever flouts your boat
            And another reason why this joke of a government should not be allowed to remove one bit of our constitution
            If that’s trolling fine

          3. The Old Boy

            I am utterly fed up of it. He has, by his moronic and offensive single-handed efforts greatly reduced my enjoyment of Broadsheet, and I’m confident that I am far from alone in this.

          4. Brother Barnabas

            he’s absolutely loving this, though

            personally, i found his charger salmons character more irritating

          5. Janet, I ate my Avatar

            I préfère the silly Brittish act to the supercharged chef/jew/victim frothing mouthed illiterate hateful windbag

          6. Bertie Blenkinsop

            As has been suggested recently, a boycott is in order…
            Just ignore him completely

          7. The Old Boy

            Charger was so transparently not what he claimed to be (English, public school) that his nonsense was easily pierced. The “wall of s**t” method being effected here is much more disruptive.

          8. Brother Barnabas

            i kind of appreciate the detail he put into the character’s back story

            now i’ll be David – small ‘d’ – a chef in a village in west cork…. maybe a jew like bloom… a caricature of a joe duffy listener

          1. Itchysays

            @ david

            ‘Desire’….. you idiot…..not Blood on the Tracks…..are you actually a fourteen year old masquerading as an adult ?

    2. rotide

      Why in gods name would you withold your membership fee because of something you just made up in your head that there is zero evidence of ever actually happening?

    1. david

      Blueshirts did not do this
      Did you vote fine Gael
      Their minister of health boy Harris needs to disband the HSE
      The HSE dragged these women through the courts

  3. :-Joe

    “Boy 13 forced into sex act……”

    Eh, boy 13, presumably interested in other boys or men and perhaps homosexual, downloads Gaydar app and creates profile stating he is 19 and posts a message admitting he is 13. A closeted “immature confused bi-sexual” man from a “respectable family” takes him up on the offer to call over and believing he is 16 or 17 proceeds in a sex act.

    Wow, I’m not taking a side, accusing or defending either party but hey! editor…. maybe you should examine your use of headlines and the contradiction to your own story you allowed to be printed below it. It’s just more sensationalism regardless of facts either way.

    No surprises, in a swamp of commercialism, propaganda and misinformation… real journalism in Ireland has already become a luxury beyond the ability of traditional broadsheets and most of the general media.


  4. :-Joe

    I wonder if America’s dad would have got off (excuse the pun) if he was white?…

    It’s a great moment for the victims to finally get some justice but In another simultaneous way… they finally got him!…

    Yee Haw!


  5. david

    THE public sector mist be in over drive today or little Leo verruca’s SCUnit
    For all the comments
    New one for you
    Trump has achieved what no US president has for he has brought together both sides in Korea
    What an achievement
    Must be the hair cut
    Bet ye are all foaming at the mouth

    1. :-Joe

      Are you daft, it’s got nothing to do with Trump….

      N.Korea is crumbling around the dear leader and on behalf of their ally in S.Korea, the US are prepared to bomb the shit out of it at a moments notice like everywhere else in the past 100 years but especially to gain ground over China.

      Also, since the Korean war there are families seperated that have not been able to see each other and there are defectors from N.Korea working hard to expose the grand illusion by sending evidence of the truth back to the northerners.

      It’s only a matter of time now before the whole charade collapses so both kim young fool and now the orangutan drumf are trying to get in on the spoils.

      “Trump” meaning the latest installed puppet commander in chief of the insane, vocifourous greed of decades old, american foreign policy..

      Alive and kicking as usual.


      1. david

        Ah still cannot believe it ,foaming at the mouth
        Trump the deal maker,
        Maybe he might achieve the same with the Palestinian Muslims and the Jewish state
        Ever wonder why he signed the order to move the American embassy to Jerusalem
        I would say behind the scenes talks are going on

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