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  1. realPolithicks

    The move by FG to lower the homeless figures by manipulating who gets included and counted as “homeless” is a further inditement of this disgusting government. Between their ideolological refusal to involve government in actually building houses and their recent attempts to “normalize” homelessness they have demonstrated a callous indifference to the plight of ordinary people. The sooner an election occurs to get rid of these MF’s the better, but please don’t make the mistake of voting for FFLABSF as they’re all the bloody same. Vote independent and try and bring about some real change for once.

    1. GiggidyGoo

      Boys trying to do men’s jobs. Cowards afraid to man up. Boy Simon, Boy Leo and Boy Eoghan. Space wasters.

      1. david

        So O’Brien gets to retire a month sooner
        Maybe boy Harris needs to inform us what pension dose he O’Brien receive out of our taxes?
        He needs to inform us how much lump sum he gets and what tax he pays on it?
        Obrien needs to be sacked over this and his pension removed, pending a criminal trial for the manslaughter of at least 17 women.
        Boy Harris needs to resign himself even better be sacked
        The gardai need to investigate if there is a link or payment O’Brien received from the company that messed up?
        The gardai need also to investigate were the results delayed so as O’Brien could retire before the poop hit the fan ,so off into the horizon he could go.
        The gardai also need to investigate harney varadkar(for our smart assed bob’s sake NAME SPELT CORRECTLY) martin to see if they used their position to bury this?
        We need the HSE to be disbanded

        Notice the best boy Harris can do by
        starting to steer the outcry from the HSE by bringing in a bill making it an offence that doctors do not tell patients.
        This is not about doctors its about the HSE who by their actions aided and abetted manslaughter
        Its time they all went Little Leo Verruca and his Ireland’ shot talent cabinet,the sad pathetic lot of them herded through the streets by cattle prods on their way to Cove where like cattle they are put on a cattle boat with the rudder welded with just enough fuel to make it half way to America before the engine stops,and if the ship was seen near Ireland it would be sunk on sight.

        1. Papi

          Actually physically threatening the government now. Classy. Time to make a decision Broadsheet.

          1. david

            Threatening the government?
            I just would love to know what occupies the space between your ears

          1. GiggidyGoo

            Yep. The old voting stock are dying off. Leo may think that the Gay vote may keep him going. But that vote was for a particular subject by educated, clever people. The FG support base (rural, farmers, publicans, businessmen, has been greatly weakened by Kenny’s bestowing Ethnic status on Travellers. That was the one great mistake he made.

  2. petey

    good on the antifascists. they answered the fash on their own terms here in the states and have driven the alt-right to disintegration.

  3. GiggidyGoo

    As predicted, in the same vein as Noirin O Sullivan, another FG lackey rides off into the sunset with a massive pension and a pre-arranged job ( which he has been doing while still being paid by us). And, also as predicted, over this weekend we hear of the holiday leave reducing the amount of time he actually has to put in in order to benefit from a full pension
    He needs to be fired. Nor retire, not resign. And his track record needs to be made known to anyone that is considering dealing with him or any business he represents in future.

    1. Catherine costelloe

      I was thinking of Mr Teap over the weekend after getting the devastating news from cervical cancer that twice they had misdiagnosed his wife . She was so young . Poor man probably cried himself to sleep at the realisation her death was avoidable.
      Tony o Brien resigns or WE TAKE TO THE STREETS!!

        1. david

          Exactly for starters
          A criminal case should be made against him also his pension should be frozen and including his lump sum
          He was in charge of awarding the contract and in charge of the HSE
          The lot must go

        2. GiggidyGoo

          That’s the only way that there’s a hope of him not screwing us for a pension.

      1. SOQ

        It’s mad isn’t it? Whatever the faults of the British system, people resign in a timely fashion. Here, they have to be dragged screaming and kicking after chaining themselves to the desks.

        1. GiggidyGoo

          My opinion is that these lackeys have a lot of secrets that the government wouldn’t like outed, and that sweet deals are done therefore.
          Why, as well. as we are paying O’Brien, did the lad Harris allow him to double job? I’m sure we didn’t get any refund of salary from him.

          1. Cian

            Yeah, I know.
            But I think the review of Cervical Check will be mostly positive (I’ve covered this in a separate post).
            And if it is found that Cervical Check is well run, then calling for resignations, or people to be stripped of their pensions, or manslaughter charges to be brought against them (hell, even the calls of misogyny against the main people) will be moot.

        2. GiggidyGoo

          Yes, say what you like about the British, they at least know when the game is up, and do the honorable thing quickly – of course they have to be caught first. Here, we have the incumbents, the previous incumbents and the ones previous to that actively supporting each other to keep the dosh flowing. False ‘opposition’, and friendly drinks poos in the Dail bar after ‘debates’ Shameful.

      2. david

        Wait till the same result scandals start emerging from bowl screening
        That will be bigger

        1. ReproBertie (SCU)

          You always have a bigger doom just around the corner david. Is there no tragedy big enough that you can’t predict another?

          1. GiggidyGoo

            They way things have panned out these past 8 years or so, i think I’d take David’s reading of what’s going on a lot more seriously than the ‘wait and see’s’.
            On thursday last week I foretold (if you like) that O’Brien and Daffy and Harris would have the weekend to sort the pension pay off and the reduction in time that O’Brien had to go. Exact same modus operandum as Sullivans exit. You can read it like a book. David is doing the same, and you’ll find that he is spot on.

      3. GiggidyGoo

        These boyos don’t give a damn about the realities. It’s on to the next high paying ‘job’ and no second thoughts about the lives they’ve abandoned.

        1. david

          the head of this enquiry re smears stated the tribunal will not be able to point the blame at individuals
          So Bertie as usual you are a fool
          Boy Harris cannot be allowed to bury this and ensure those accountable for manslaughter get off

    2. david

      Actually giving rights to an Irish ethnic group was the right thing to do
      But the rest I agree
      These are not government they are administrators and we can remove them
      Sadly little Leo verruca will do anything to stay in power
      I bet the true state of the finances is the reason he is clinging on to power
      Brexit will be their waterloo
      Another article in the newswas the refusal to put into law an act that would of made managers in the public sector accountable even to the point of jail
      And the head of this tribunal over the smear tests stated he cannot point the finger to blame the culprits
      This burial of the truth is the signature of Leo’s KAPOs
      And believe me they will all get away with it

  4. ReproBertie (SCU)

    In the comments on “On the Street Where you Live” post Newsjustin said on abortion “I would certainly be open to changing my views if I heard a compelling argument.”

    I’m calling BS on this because anyone who can’t see a compelling argument in stories like that of Connor Upton, where parents are forced to choose between watching their newborn spend their few minutes of life suffocating to death or travelling overseas for a termination, hasn’t an ounce of humanity.

    1. Janet, I ate my Avatar

      well said
      who would inflict that pain on both parents and on the poor mite’ s brief life ?

    2. Brother Barnabas

      one of his odder assertions

      as the referendum date gets closer, newsjustin is unravelling. started out as a reasonable, rationale and considered voice. now he’s as hysterical as the rest of them.

        1. newsjustin

          Hi All. Only seeing this now. I acknowledge your good will Bro in considering and taking back that remark. We all get carried away now and again.

      1. david

        Like me?
        Tell me smarter pants,a doctor was on de telly the other day who actually did a termination on a mother whose life was at risk from the baby and she was not about to die
        He stated 26 terminations were carried out in 2016 in this state
        2 experts concurred a termination was needed and it was done
        The interviewer asked him about savita he replied that she could of been saved and it was not the eight amendment that killed her
        Maybe people should look at the doctors who tended savita and their views about termination, and maybe we should ask ,do we need doctors that put their own views over the needs of the patient which led to the death of the patient

        1. Nigel

          And we’re supposed to accept all this as the definitive final word on the matter why? There’s no reason to trust anything anyone on the pro-life side says. They lie a lot.

    3. SOQ

      Newjustin believes that the morning after pill is a potential abortion and that if his 14 year old daughter was pregnant from rape, he would not allow a termination. He also refuses to say if he regards someone who is brain dead as ‘life’. Now he is perfectly entitled to his views but they are hardly mainstream.

      And that is very common with these retainers. They claim to be reasonable until you probe a little deeper and find that they are way off the scale. Given the dodgy poo that is going on in both google and YouTube, I think it is quite reasonable to regard them as subversives because their disinformation and downright lies are at best, an attempt to deceive or beguile people.

      As for david, he is deliberate white noise and BS need to ask themselves why they allow it.

      1. Janet, I ate my Avatar

        white noise
        continually hijacking threads with insults, hysteria and verbal diahoria
        by thier own guidelines he should be old news

      2. johnny

        “Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past.”
        ― George Orwell, 1984

      3. david

        My views are as valid as yours
        My posts are already monitored and take days to appear
        Because I have a different take than you dose not make me wrong
        Maybe look up the legal definition of death
        I assume its when the heart stops beating
        You remind me of Shane (tim nice but dim) ross with his branding of certain rural TDs, as terrorists
        We live in a democracy and we have freedom of speech
        We are dealing with our constitution that will effect generations to come
        This is not just a law this is about legally killing what will grow to be a child
        Your post is total BS
        When an egg is fertilised one could argue the morning after pill is a termination killing that fertilised egg before it develops
        No matter how you try to argue you are wrong
        The fact its legal to sell morning after pills is because the law dose not define that fertilised egg as a baby because it has not developed to an extent of being defined under law as life

      4. newsjustin

        Woah there SOQ, I try to answer any question put to me, for what it’s worth.

        So on the topic of a person whose brain activity has ceased, I think switching off artificial support is reasonable and permissable if there is no hope of recovery.

        It’s a scientific reality that the morning after pill does act as an abortificant under certain circumstances. That’s just a fact.

        On the issue of abortion for rape victims, I’m sorry, I do maintain that ending a life…any life…is wrong, no matter what crime a person’s father committed. We are not our fathers.

        1. Yep

          First dummy with the vagueness of the word “recovery”. Fupp you nutmeg with the phrase “under certain circumstances” and then skied over the bar with “We are not our fathers”.

          It’s not really about the fathers though. Especially in those circumstances. It’s about the right to autonomy.

          Is your faith the driving factor for you beliefs on this issue?

          1. mildred st. meadowlark

            YOUR humanity.

            What about the lives of the women directly affected by the 8th? Apologies if I’m reading you wrong here, but is that not a selfish motive for denying women – your sister, daughter or friend – the freedom to choose for herself? Bearing in mind that the 8th amendment affects more than just abortion laws in this country. It’s so much more complex than that already complex issue.

        2. SOQ

          But switching off a support machine is ending a life surely? Granted it is a life that would not exist if it wasn’t for medical intervention but at that point, it most definitely is the taking of a life.

          What is life? It may sound like a silly question but I think it is important to ask. Someone who is brain dead may be technically alive but they are not really, it is a grey area. Likewise a foetus in the early stages, it is the potential not a certainty, as half of fetuses are aborted naturally anyways.

        3. david

          The pro abortion lobby try to define biology to suit their agenda
          And they are so rabid about it they want to make possibly the biggest mistake of this centuary
          All the scandals about every bit of the fabric of our society by Leo’s KAPOs and the incompetence ,unaccountability and we want to trust them with the unborn
          Well a big no from me
          I want them out before they do more damage

          1. Nigel

            The 8th is what you get when you trust the people who gave us Magdalene Laundries and babies in septic tanks. Obviously you trust them more.

    4. david

      And the same logical argument could be used regarding the HSE and being in control of abortion
      Women refused in the national maternity hospital due to clauses in the contracts employing doctors who refuse to give life saving treatment
      Bertie its fact their might be abortion but also a lottery as to if you can get one
      As I said and kept on saying I will not vote for this shower to remove any part of our constitution for they cannot be trusted

      1. ReproBertie (SCU)

        You’re so conflicted david. One minute you’re spreading fantasy scare stories about women being bullied into abortions by the HSE when the 8th is repealed and the next you’re concerned that women might not have access to abortion when the 8th is repealed.

        The only consistency in your posting is the doom saying. Doom if we do this and yet more doom to come.

        Well I’m more interested in the people who are actually going through crisis than in your fear-mongering soothsaying disguised as well meaning concern.

        1. david

          Read my post
          This referendum will not stop the savitas
          Its not the eight amendment its the doctors who refuse care
          It is fact that the national maternity hospital paid for by tax payers money will refuse abortions
          Harris admitted it when questioned in the dail
          Its their contracts and as well the nuns sitting on the board will ensure this
          This is fact and you are ignoring it
          A amendment to replace the eight is a better way forward ensuring open season on the unborn in the future cannot happen
          I would agree to a Israeli type system protecting the unborn but at the same tome addressing the reasons why we are all here regarding the unborn
          At least read it then post something

  5. Lilly

    Another thing I’ve noticed about the pro-life brigade, they tend not to have children – a la the Sherlock siblings, Cora and Co. Why aren’t they reproducing at the rate of one a year instead of wasting all those precious eggs that are just a single sperm away from life?

      1. Lilly

        Genesis 1:28: God blessed them and said to them, ‘Be fruitful and multiply; fill the earth and conquer it.’

        1. dunphied

          “To bear children into this world is like carrying wood to a burning house.”
          ― Peter Wessel Zapffe

          1. Lilly

            ‘The sign of doom is written on your brows – how long will ye kick against the pin-pricks?’ – The Last Messiah

            Wessel Zapffe clearly had an influence on Beckett, but not a mention of him in the (fairly dull) biography by James Knowlson that I’m reading at the moment. Where did you come across him?

          2. Brother Barnabas

            if you haven’t already, i’d recommend anthony cronin’s biography of beckett

          3. Lilly

            Thanks BB, I’ll keep an eye out for that. Disappointed in the Knowlson one. A canny move by Sam to keep us all at arm’s length, no doubt.

    1. david

      What an ignorant moronic comment
      Sums up the argument we really need to increase the funds for special needs people
      I see the old bigoted mentality of the myth that Catholics breed like rabbits is still alive and well in Ireland

      1. Lilly

        If you are handsome, David, (as well as stupid), you are one of an enviable cohort best placed to enjoy life to the hilt, so enough of your grouching. Tell us instead how to cook the perfect steak.

      2. Nigel

        You claim to have a nephew with mental disabilities and yet you use ‘special needs’ as an insult.

        1. Lilly

          I find the ‘special needs’ slur amusing, coming from our ludraman-in-residence.

        2. mildred st. meadowlark

          It’s a particularly nasty one from him. And supremely hypocritical, but that’s no surprise.

  6. Teresa

    Have you people ever had a day without your Broadsheet addiction? It’s a beautiful day. Get some fresh air. Live.

    1. mildred st. meadowlark


      I came out of the womb with a smartphone in my hand, typing witticisms into broadsheet in the hopes of impressing my online peers.

      I’m sorry Teresa. I’ll try to be better.

    2. bertie blenkinsop

      “Have you people ever had a day without your Broadsheet addiction? It’s a beautiful day. Get some fresh air. Live.”……………posted teresa on Broadsheet.

    3. GiggidyGoo

      Teresa, the tree hugging in the Glen O’ The Downs is long over. Time to adjust to reality.

  7. Ron

    In voting YES in the referendum because I’m Pro Choice. however, it’s my opinion that this referendum is not going to pass. Where i live it’s all Vote No posters and they are working. the NO brigade are very active and I have not come across any Yes groups. quick straw polls amongst my friends who are very normal and typical Irish lads indicate they are voting No. I think people are saying they will vote Yes to avoid being labelled or ostracized for being anti women and when it comes to it they will vote NO in the secrecy of the ballot box. Just my opinion

    1. ReproBertie (SCU)

      It’s amazing how many “Yes” voters are posting the doom of the referendum. Same thing happened in the lead up to the SSM referendum and they were wrong then too.

      1. Ron

        Well I could agree with you but then we would both be wrong. I think the result will be close but it’s my opinion that the NO side are winning. We will just have to wait and see!

        1. ReproBertie (SCU)

          So what are you doing about it? What do you say to your friends who say they are going to vote for more women dying and suffering needlessly?

          1. Ron

            And it’s reactions like yours that are the reason the NO side are winning. Heaven forbid someone decides to have a different opinion to you. This is exactly the reason some people are saying they are voting YES and will vote NO in the secrecy of the ballot box. I can only imagine what vile comments you would subject someone too if they declare they are voting No.

          2. SOQ

            2/10. Really need to try harder. Pretty sure that line was even used in the equal marriage debate on BS.

            And look what happened there eh?

      2. Nigel

        ‘I’m voting yes and I’m going to lose’ is such a weird thing to keep saying.

        1. mildred st. meadowlark

          There’s a strange logic in it.

          If you get too hopeful the universe will surely find some way of biting you in the arse and you will almost certainly NOT get that thing you’ve been wishing and hoping for.

          (In this case it’s the repeal of an amendment which is endangering women’s lives and restricting their healthcare choices and options, as well as inhibiting doctors from treating their patients according to best practice and to the best of their abilities.)

          1. Nigel

            Being overwhelmingly negative about your chances of winning seems counter-productive and self-sabotage at best.

          2. Brother Barnabas

            i think the point of that is to get the message across that the result isn’t a foregone conclusion so people shouldnt be complacent – and that turnout will likely be key

          3. mildred st. meadowlark

            You put it better than me.

            Also, I don’t think I should attempt explaining how the lemmings in my head run things – like thought processes and actual thinking.

            It would only confuse and upset people, and sure haven’t we a whole new week ahead of us for that.

          4. Nigel

            I don’t think so. Actual Yes campaigners warn against complacency while also remaining positive and hopeful. Nobody’s going to give time or energy or money to a campaign that’s writing itself off. They might not even bother to vote if it’s doomed anyway. Which is presumably the point of comments like Ron’s.

        2. newsjustin

          On a related topic. Why doesn’t Broadsheet do any posts on opinion polls? Was it always the editorial policy in the run up to votes?

          1. SOQ

            Polls should be banned from the moment a referendum or election date is announced. If they actually stated the number surveyed, people might stop thinking they are a propaganda tool. And besides, how others vote should not influence your own decision.

          2. GiggidyGoo

            Maybe Broadsheet doesn’t believe in a sample of 1000 people representing 5,000,000 people? Equivalent of 16 people’s views of an all-ireland from a 80,000 attendance.
            Polls may influence the ‘I don’t knows’.

          3. Martco

            I’ll give you a straw opinion poll taken over last few days in my circle, family & extended:

            The 40-80 year olds are split, 50:50 with varying degrees of himming/hawing. Mostly conservative orientated, a lack of trust of the current government is cited as their main reason to vote no.

            However ALL of the younger ones (who outnumber their elders) every single one of them are voting yes & not only that are actively busily discussing with their friends & getting their vote out.

            my feel is that Yes is +20 points

          4. SOQ

            Yes the turn out of the younger vote will be important and unfortunately they are the group who are most apathetic towards voting, at least at general election time.

            Still, they might surprise us, they certainly did with equal marriage. They took ownership of the topic so let’s hope they do so again.

        3. rotide

          What’s weird about it?

          They are two perfectly reasonable stances to take. Its like saying ‘I’m a LeBron fan but They’re not going to win the NBA finals’.

          Personally, I’m voting yes and I think yes will just about squeak a win , but I understand if someone thinks it wont.

    2. david

      I agree
      The fact that once the rights of the unborn are removed
      And a law that frankly has not been past is proposed means we or lets say unborn babies are at the mercy of this government and its HSE
      We already hear doctors will be able to opt out of termination and hospitals the same like the new maternity hospital
      If they printed on the ballot paper the new law then I would if it is a prudent law and not open to abuse vote yes
      Maybe a law like Israelis where the rights of the unborn are enshrined and in cases that are compassionate are permitted
      But trusting this lot on a we promise those and that is not good enough
      I assume many silent think like that
      People that want compassion and common sense but also want a constitutional protection that prevents open season for future generations
      Sadly I am branded as a misogynistic woman hater for that view
      And all my posts are monitored and accessed before they can be posted

      1. ReproBertie (SCU)

        I think you’ll find you’re branded a misogynistic woman hater because of your open admission of your intent to vote for more women to die.

        1. david

          What a silly comment
          I could say you are voting to kill the unborn
          No matter how this referendum goes some life form will die
          Plus the possibility of women dying
          To call me a woman hater is below the belt
          I could accuse you of being a baby hater but unlike you I see the whole picture and the possibility of the whole abortion thing being abused
          I do not trust this government full stop and I will not vote for them to become god regarding the unborn

      2. realPolithicks

        “I assume many silent think like that”

        You’re a gas man daithi and there’s no doubt about it.

  8. dunphied

    I took her advice and now I’m feeling better already. Thanks hun!

    *reaches for the Calamine lotion*

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