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  1. ReproBertie (SCU)

    Another blow to Sasamach but an bhfuil Taoiseach na Sasanaigh ag éisteach? Ní féidir leo aontú le chéile what Sasamach means so how can they expect to enter fíor comhchainteanna leis an AE?

      1. ReproBertie (SCU)

        Well it is Bliain na Gaeilge so what better time? Try Duolingo and you’ll be surprised how much you have stored away.

    1. david

      Its going to be blow after blow as our country is ruined as Europe wage war on the UK
      So keep that little head of yours in the sand
      We got a taste of Europe help when the bust happened and once bitten twice shy
      In the end when all bridges are burnt with the UK we will have no option but to stay in a Europe that after this we will be better off leaving
      Unlike you I have faith in the talent this country has to actually go forth alone into the world
      And trade
      We just need competent government agencies instead of gobble gook talkers who could not strike a deal to save their lives
      We has a diaspora of hundreds of millions of Irish people world wide which would be our markets
      We do not need multinationals using tax laws to employ a few
      And these companies also grant aided
      For example those apple jobs cost this country in lost revenue around five million per job created and when the USA gets these multinationals back with tax deals they will go and we will be counting the cost
      Trump is a man of his word and he is a dooer
      And we could have a great trading partner in him like the commonwealth
      Remember we are 5 million people and a small economy and could go alone
      Sadly our leadership are just administrators ensuring we are drained dry
      We need government

      1. ReproBertie (SCU)

        Yet another blast of bluster without a hint of a fact. Europe wage war ar an RA? Give me one simple example to back that up.
        We already trade with the US and the Commonwealth. Why would we be so backward as to take ourselves amach ón AE agus ár chúl a thabhairt leis an méid gnó sin? The simple truth david is that Taoiseach na Sasanaigh wants to stay in the Customs Union and níos mó de Rialtas na Sasanaigh want to d’fhan istigh san Aontas Custaim and now we see that bfhearr le Teach na dTiarnaí bheith istigh san Aontas Custaim. If not for Taoiseach May’s inability smacht a chur ar Rees-Mogg agus an DUP this wouldn’t even be up for debate.

        1. david

          Seems you forgot the bust already and what followed that has us now with over 200 billion of debt from the crash
          The troika and the bomb going off in Dublin if we burn bond holders
          Then the mass flight of Irish to escape those who had to pay back the banks
          You forget the misery the suicides the ruination of many people
          That was Europe help
          Compared to Iceland who stood up and now is recovered
          We simply put the debt on our children
          Stole from our pensioners and every family as no one was brought to book
          By using Irish to impress me means nothing
          Its the argument you present which is totally built on utter garbage
          Do you actually think the UK are showing all their cards?
          Do you actually think the unionists will consent to rule from Dublin
          Northern Ireland is part of the UK
          And get it through your head there will be a hard border between north and south just like on the sea in southern England and the English channel
          And you if you have shares in the Chunnel I would advise selling them ,because when that that starts to be looked at regarding customs another rather vicious argument between the UK and France will be the result

          1. Nigel

            In fairness to you david in describing the disastrous consequences you really are the most anti-Brexit commenter on the site.

          2. ReproBertie (SCU)

            So you can’t give me a single example of the EU waging war on the UK? It seems a pretty simple thing to ask when you’re so adamant that it’s happening.

            The UK has one card and one card only, access to their fishing waters. Of course it’s trumped by the EU being able to impose tariffs if the UK decide to be stubborn about it.

            FF saddling us with the bankers’ and builders’ debt has nothing to do with Sasamach, which is the Irish word for a made up English term.

            I use Irish because I like it and you’ve been encouraging me to use more. I have no interest in impressing you, sorry.

  2. John f

    I get the impression that Benjamin Netanyahu is speaking through Donald Trump. Zionist neocons are behind most of the chaos in the Middle East. They have in trying to get to war with Iran for the past 3 decades. Now the US is angling to attack Syria because they have Iranian troops there. Expect a false flag there soon.
    On the question of nuclear weapons in the Middle East what is being said about Israel’s nuclear weapons? Every time they are asked they give their usual “will not confirm or deny” BS. They have not signed up any and treaties concerning nuclear weapons. There is a reason why they cannot admit to having nukes.
    Under US law they cannot provide aid to a country that has a nuclear weapons program. Idea being that their money will directly or indirectly be used to fund nuclear weapons development. Foreign aid makes up a huge portion of Israel’s GDP, particularly military aid.
    I could give a deeper conspiratorial take on what’s happening but that would likely muddy the waters.

    1. :-Joe

      It’s a symbiotic relationship between two invading imperialist settlement cultures.

      israel develops and tests all the high tech military drone hardware and cyberwarfare technology and the us picks up the bill for it’s support. Along with all kinds of weird and wonderfully complicated collaborations, connections and relationships between the two states.

      israeli and us foreign policy in the middle east are practically one and the same as can be seen from the voting history and veto powers used exclusively in favour of israel and it’s ongoing war crimes, by the us in the un-council (a.k.a the us fake-council of spineless undemocratic nonsense)

      I’m probably just another mad conspiracy theorist so it’s better not to think about it or ask any questions… Move along, nothing to see here….


    2. david

      Many families in Israel and sleeping more soundly tonight thanks to trump
      And many families in Iran are sleeping with worry as Iran which is supporting terrorist groups returns to isolation,
      As a Jew I support all he has done for Israel
      Lets face it Israel is the only true democracy in the middle east
      So go back to your hummus stall on Grafton street and continue to advertise your antiemetic bile

  3. :-Joe

    Trump still trying to prove he has a heartbeat and he’s not already dead and just an avatatar created to distract people with random nonsense and perpetuating the spread of fake news propaganda to confuse and obfuscate the minds of the public from the truth..

    Is it a real heartbeat or Is it one last desperate cry for help?…

    You decide….


  4. SOQ

    The fact Google are willing to curtail adverts in US but not Ireland is telling. Just like Facebook, their arrogance may yet be their downfall.

  5. :-Joe

    Ye, you would think so but gurgle is by a huge margin, far more powerful and far more well connected to the us political system and military complex.

    beta-betTM / gurgle has it’s own internal dept specific to dealing with relations involving the state department i.e. clinton-hawk’s old job, where most of the nefarious foreign policy dictates are orchestrated into action.
    e.g. Iraq / Afghanistan wars, Libyan bombing\destruction, Ukraine coup, ongoing South American regime change and global assinations with remote control killer military drones… just to name a few war crimes off the top of my head from the past decade.

    Sadly gurgle has become the it department of the us deep-state and it’s military complex, It started out with a mission statement of “Don’t be evil” but it is already completely consumed by more than just negative suggestion.

    Ironically if you “google it”(not something I would normally recommend*) you’ll see how little they care about you knowing about it. Now that’s real power….

    *duckduckgo.com and privacy for the win !


    1. SOQ

      12 hours later, Google pull their horns in. No more John Waters on YouTube upsetting my cat so.

  6. Jimmey_russell

    I’ll take nuclear proliferation over admitting drumpf has a point ANY DAY

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