Arno What You’re Thinking


Well for some.

Yesterday evening

Palazzo Corsini, Florence, Italy

President Higgins attended a ‘working dinner’ with President of Italy Sergio Mattarella, the President of the Hellenic Republic Prokopis Pavlopoulos, and the President of the Portuguese Republic Marcelo Rebelo De Sousa. Followed by charades and Twister.

Pic via Aras

5 thoughts on “Arno What You’re Thinking

  1. Andrew

    How much is this character costing us again? The office of president should not be elevated in to this faux monarch style jamboree.
    It’s a rubber stamping requirement and should be treated as such.
    Much like Donal O’Buachalla as Governor General in the early days of the free state.
    Although, even Donal fell out with De Valera,(our original corrupt Fianna Fail politician)which is not bad thing.

      1. Andrew

        we don’t HAVE to pay for the house. Just incorporate the role in to an existing function. In the State Solicitors office for example

        1. Yep

          I think people enjoy the role the President plays outside of the rubber stamping. I have no idea of the cost but I don’t think I would be overly upset to find out the figure.

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