The Art Of Repeal


Pro choice banners ‘Hollywoodised’ by graphic designer Joe Collins

Joe Collins writes

Having the opportunity to Repeal the 8th on Friday, 25th of May has been a long and tough struggle. Since the referendum in 1983 we have learned about the C case, Magdalene laundries, Tuam Babies, Savita Halappanavar along with the heartbreaking stories written In Her Shoes – Women Of The Eighth.

All this on top of the countless stories of friends and family who have been touched by this sensitive issue.

Everywhere there is struggle there is creativity and this was completely evident during the marches that have taken place over the years. To celebrate these I’ve taken some of my favourite placards and given them a minimal Hollywood movie restyling.

Of course like all of the best Hollywood movies the originals (sourced from here and here) are still the best.

Joe Collins

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33 thoughts on “The Art Of Repeal

    1. SOQ

      Thank you Sentient Won, that YouTube video really helped people to make up their minds. Anything of oppositional substance has clearly been edited out.

      If you don’t like the result of this referendum then move up north. Only in the interim mind as the next generation up there are WTF in increasing numbers too.

      Kids eh?

  1. Science

    What a pointless waste of time. I suppose you need to keep your skills refreshed when you have months between jobs.

    1. Daisy Chainsaw

      On the basis of your own pointless waste of time comment, I’d say you’d know all about that.

    2. gavin

      So is it or inst a waste of time you seem conflicted, if skills are refreshed (lets be honest they did a pretty damn good job) surely thats not a waste of time…and how do you know they are or are not between Jobs, maybe…just maybe…he/she is a very motivated individual that puts their spare time to great use, rather than moaning and detracting from everyone and everything around them, like a big negative black hole.

      1. Science

        Broadsheet has a history of unemployed designers sending in pointless stuff because they’re bored. What exactly does this achieve?
        Go out and do something positive for society if you’re that way inclined. This is like me deciding to make a techno track in support of tidy towns rather than doing something of tangible benefit.

        1. gavin

          So just dont answer the question and make stuff up thats boring… And Id say the likelihood of you doing anything in support of anyone or thing is zero.

          1. Science

            What question? Graphic designers get SFA paying gigs because there are thousands of them.

        2. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

          Unce unce unce unce
          Tidy towns, tidy towns
          Unce unce unce unce
          Tidy, tidy towns

          That’ll be €25,000 please.

        3. gavin

          Sounds like jealousy to me…obviously you received a lot of “Could try harder” in art class.

    3. Nigel

      When did it become ok to mock people for being out of work? (Even assuming your assumptions are correct?) Or rather, will it ever be not ok to do that?

    4. Frill the 8th

      You’re one miserable boll1x Science

      I’d love that kinda creative flair
      And if I’d bitta time on me hands I’d be more inclined ta’ watch a box set than do stuff like these

      Love the Immaculate Deception one btw
      And would happily purchase a print

    1. Janet, I ate my Avatar

      those crazy kids
      good old fashioned misogyny isn’t good enough for them

      1. Nullzero

        This is a prime example of what’s going on around this referendum. Mud. Slinging from both sides and no balanced discussion.

        1. gavin

          Besides possibly the last one (and that’s a stretch), how are they mudslinging exactly

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