A Knight To Remember



Perth, Scotland

Brian Quinn writes:

Lara Serviolle (above right), a member of the Irish Medieval Armoured Combat team, has won the IMCF Female Longsword World Championship!!

Lara is an amazing woman, living in Sligo and has stormed the medival Combat world winning the competition for the second time after her win in 2017.

She is an inspiration and deserves as much recognition as she can get!

10 fighters and supporters travelled over from Ireland for the event and over 500 fighters from all over the world fought in the 4 day event

Medival Armoured Combat is a full contact sport, fighters compete in full armour with swords, shields, axes, maces etc. We are trying to build the profile to the sport in Ireland and Lara is an amazing advocate!!

Watch Lara’s winning fight here

Irish Medieval Armoured Combat team


12 thoughts on “A Knight To Remember

  1. Just Sayin

    Maybe setup a fight between her and Conor McGregor

    it could be billed as

    “Medieval vs Neanderthal”

  2. Murtles

    A longsword eh? Handy piece of equipment to have going to The 4 Lights after a feed of drink.

  3. ReproBertie (SCU)

    Well done Lara!

    I’d love to try moving in that armour. There’s a great video on YouTube with two French (maybe Belgian?) lads in armour doing star jumps and tumbles and the like to show how light it actually was.

    Facebook group liked and will be watching out for an opportunity to give it a go.

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