Sarah Forsyth writes:

Something stirred in me at [last weekend’s] Wellfest [Healthy living summit at the Royal Hospital, Kilmainham, Dublin] when I overheard the happy Pear Twins (aka Vegward) talking about zero waste.

Their business is responsible for so much [waste] so I tweeted them calling them out on their hypocrisy and they haven’t replied so I was hoping you would get behind it and maybe the sanctimonious pair will take notice. They’re like wolves in sheep’s clothing, except they never seem to wear clothes…


The Happy Pear

54 thoughts on “Some Pear

  1. qwerty123

    They were probably referring to their restaurant business. Are they not allowed sell ready made dinners aswell?

    I dont know if this irrelevant 1st world twitter outrage is borne out of stupidy or jealousy.

      1. wellness

        FEEL ME , Rotide. LOVE ME, Rotide. LIKE ME , Rotide, RETWEET ME, Rotide. CALL ME , Rotide.

        Love you


    1. Lilly

      I dunno, can they not sell ready-made in recyclable containers like the ones Sprout uses?

      1. Braaap

        Have we lost the ability to recycle plastic containers?
        Is it down the back of the couch?

  2. postmanpat

    In fairness they give away the recipe for all their meals, so if you tasted one of these ready meals and liked it, you could recreate it at home for 10x less money and reuse the container. Plus those soup containers are recyclable and not single use as Sarah Forsyth claims.

        1. Brother Barnabas

          or, like me, resuse them, rereuse them, rerereuse them, rererereuse them, and the recycle them

    1. Leopold Gloom

      I am guilty of buying those soup pots a lot (not their ones), but I reuse them constantly until they can no longer be reused.

  3. Tony

    I call BS on the ‘they create so much waste’ nonsense. You can begrudge the Flynntwins all you like but if you go there it’s all compostable containers and paper bag packaging.

      1. Janet, I ate my Avatar

        Ah stop
        I know Sarah
        she’s sound
        She doesn’t just talk the talk she walks the walk and is genuine

  4. Dhaughton99

    I’d love to see the contract between them and the SDCC for their new cafe attached to the round tower in Clondalkin. I have seen maybe 10 people in 6 months in it.

    1. SOQ

      Just keep going past Newlands Cross to the Avoca on Naas Road. IMO best healthy food in greater Dublin area.

  5. Junkface

    That photo is the definition of smug. Looks like they’ve been smelling their own farts

    1. The Real Shrimply Pibbles

      Their cookbooks are full of pictures of them. It’s really weird. Who would want that?

  6. SOQ

    I agree. And as penance they should take off all their clothes NOW .!.

    Seriously, it is really nice to see good looking fellas who haven’t ruined their bodies with god ugly tats.

    1. SOQ

      Should you not be out killing some sort of poor innocent animal with your spear on a nice day like this?

  7. Custo

    I know they use biodegradable lids on their takeaway coffee, maybe these containers are the same.

    1. Starina

      i’m pretty sure they are. i bought one a couple weeks ago and it was delish, have a vague memory of it being biodegradable packaging. anyone have one handy to check?

    1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

      You’re a right aul perv, aren’t you, my dear? I like it.
      These guys getting their kit off and doing handstands all the time makes me embarrassed rather than feeling funny in my tummy, though.

  8. Ron Dolan

    Got a present of their salted caramel chocolate pieces last Christmas.

    Didn’t even finish a nibble of the corner of it before it was binned for tasting of absolutely nothing at all.

    Twas like chewing some paper mache – still, it did bring back unhappy memories of primary school so thats something I guess?

    Anyway, another business idea that got quite far on being darlings of the idiot classes via the Independent online comedic journalism witterings.

    AKA all leaf and no bud!

    1. wellness

      Their food is about as sterile, starched and sanitised as their “Happy” image.

      1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

        I’ve made some of their recipes. They’re lovely.
        So NERRRRRRRR.

    1. wellness

      More of a case of the Irish calling out sillies, when they see sillies. #progressive

  9. Bruce_Wee

    Ah…look I know they can be annoying but I do have a lot of respect for them from a Business point of view and I have met them a good few times and they are harmless. Not as hyperactive in real life. The personas though social media are no different to anyone else showing photos of holidays and all the amazing things they do….regarding the “waste” issue which was the point of the original discussion…Tell her to reuse the fupping package again. Very simple….if their waste is an issue of outrage to her….I’m delighted that this is the extend of the issue she faces in her life.

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