This afternoon.

Paul writes:

I never understand why these mega corporations get Aryan looking models to pose for their adverts and totally ignore the fact that many people who work in their stores are from ethnic minorities. It’s a bit of an insult to those hard working people. The side of the bus was covered with more blond haired blue eyed perfect looking people as well…


Circle K?

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31 thoughts on “All White

    1. mildred st. meadowlark

      That not a bit of a stretch? Probably as much of a stretch as Paul’s point, actually.

    2. Paul

      Yeah it’s just about acknowledging the people who work in these jobs. So what if 95% of ireland is white, a big percentage of non white people work in this places and I just thought it would have been good to have at least one brown skinned person in the campaign.

  1. Yowzah

    is it an insult that we as consumers react more positively to people who look like us, and/or are attractive and youthful

    1. Paul

      Like “us”? What does that mean? We are a diverse nation now. Are asian people not attractive?

      1. SOQ

        Not according to Grindr, unless you are into Asian in which case you’ll not be into most of the rest. It’s a niche market. BBC is very popular so yeah with the racist flag?


  2. Riz

    I suspect the rebranding advertising campaign is targeted towards customers rather than employees. Considering Ireland is 82.2% caucasian the choice of models is an informed and proper one. I’m glad you are not in charge of my marketing department!

    1. Cian

      82.2% Caucasian? do you have stats on this?
      I’m a bit surprised that the number isn’t higher.

        1. Cian

          On CSO 2016 numbers we have 4,331,940 white; 124,019 not stated, and 233,962 others;

          95% of people that did state a “Nationality, Ethnic or Cultural Background” are white (White Irish, White Irish Traveller, Any other White background);
          92.4% of people said they were white, 5% non white; and 2.6% didn’t answer

          1. Cian

            Thanks for this link – they are aligned to the CSO numbers: Irish 82.2%, Irish travellers 0.7%, other white 9.5%

  3. Starina

    what even is circle k. like i know it’s a convenience store but what was the old name?!

    1. Bob

      It is one of the lesser known circles of hell,
      formerly known as Topaz
      formerly Statoil
      formerly …

  4. Zaccone

    Ireland is 95%~ white people. The TV campaign for this does have Eastern Europeans on it, who’re the highest % minority we have. So as a campaign its about as diverse as to accurately reflect Irish society.

    Go back to Williamsburg with this ridiculous virtue signalling racial outrage.

      1. Zaccone

        Williamsburg is rather more iconic for a certain breed of loud, unnecessary Social Justice Warrior’ing.

  5. eric cartman

    the ads at the petrol station forecourts feature an Indian man , I found it quite appropriate hah.

    this story is just nonsense

  6. George

    “New name, Same people”

    Yeah but they forgot to tell us what the old name was so these ads are a bit of a failure.

  7. pixel_pimp

    why would you describe those blue-eyed blond people as “perfect looking”?

    is it not part of the problem that *we* ascribe “perfection” in visual appearance to be blonde and blue-eyed?

    1. Papi

      They do happen to have big lines across their faces though, Major turn off, but I’m fierce picky, they tell me, down at the abattoir…….

  8. Shane Duffy

    Always a pain too when the default face for diversity is always African, never Asian, Chinese etc.

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