A Conversation With An Undecided


Further to speaking to a No voter and a Yes voter

Rob Reeves talks to Fergus Keane of FRO Films – who’s undecided about how he’ll vote in today’s referendum.

Rob Reeves Films

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8 thoughts on “A Conversation With An Undecided

  1. Starina

    can we have a tldr? cos i don’t have half an hour to listen to some man who has the leisure of being undecided

    1. Bob

      Broadsheet fails again. We want to read, not watch long videos.
      Also the producers of the video are making a mistake by not keeping their videos shorter (or more likely doing it on purpose due to incentives from Youtube).

      It isn’t ideal but if you copy the link and view it on Youtube, then look under the video at the dots on the right and click on it there is an option labelled “Open transcript” which shows a full copy of the subtitles which you can try to read instead.

      Too little too late.

  2. Sheik Yahbouti

    Who would waste a second of their time on a grown man who is ‘undecided’ after endless months of this campaign?

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