This morning.

Scoil Thomas, Laurel Lodge Road, Castleknock, Dublin 15.

Con Kennedy writes:

Update from yesterday. 9.15am on Polling Day and a series of NO poster in more than one location directly outside the Polling station on Laurel Lodge…

Yesterday: Ask A Broadsheet Reader


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45 thoughts on “No Posters

  1. Repro-choice Bertie

    The rule is no canvassing or posters within 50m of the polling station.

        1. Con Kennedy

          Make up your mind.

          Is it 50m from the Polling Station or 50m from the ballot box?

          And which ballot box, there were about 10 in my polling station…

          1. Repro-choice Bertie

            The polling station is the room where you have your name checked off the register and where the pooling booths and ballot boxes are. The school is not the polling station so it’s fine to have posters outside the school.

        2. Cian

          50m from what though?
          The polling booths themselves?
          The door of the school?
          Of the gate of the school?

        3. John

          The legislation states that it is measured from the curtilage of the polling station not the ballot box. Just so ya know!

          1. Repro-choice Bertie

            I stand corrected.

            For the purpose of this section, a polling station shall be deemed to include all parts of the building and any land within the curtilage of the building in which the polling station is situate and the distance referred to in subsection (2) shall be measured from any entrance to the polling station or to the curtilage thereof.

            50m from the gate of the school then.

          2. Repro-choice Bertie

            How did I miss that? Yes 100m.

            But it does say “entrance to” so that would be the gate.

          3. Con Kennedy

            It says the property and lands surrounding the building, either way, both we’re less than 100m of the ’gate’

  2. SOQ

    A poster stating that the removal of the most extreme anti abortion law in Europe is too extreme, is beyond irony.

  3. Jimothy

    There was a NO poster directly outside the polling station in my village in Offaly. Placed high on the pole so it was not possible to take down without a ladder. This will be the case all over the country. But hopefully common sense will prevail today. People are highly unlikely to be swayed at this late stage. But it would have been nice if the NO side had respected the rules of our democratic process.

  4. Karina

    There were yes posters near the school I voted in, I didn’t bother taking a picture to bore the pants off of everyone. I voted NO, enough said.

          1. scottser

            hello, i like your new username – who did you used to be? and which particular catholic throwback do you shill for?

          2. Karina

            Grow up scottser. I’m a lapsed Catholic like so many, what’s your point or do you actually have one?

    1. Grace

      Good for you for keeping the crappy status quo going. 170,000 women thank you for your democratic efforts

  5. Shane Duffy

    I’m sure that poster is about the Artic Monkey’s new album, snowflakes need to relax a little.

    1. Clampers Outside!

      On their new album, my whatsapp lit up with….

      ” lads, this new Artic’s album is a bore ”
      “…thinks he’s Elvis…”

      Only heard the one song off it myself… in one ear, out the other, very ‘meh’. That’s jus’ me tho… :)

      1. Bertie Blenkinsop

        I like it, stick with it, it’s a major change of direction but it’s a grower.

        1. mildred st. meadowlark

          I trust your music taste B, must give it a listen. Glad they’ve decided to mix it up a bit.

          1. mildred st. meadowlark

            You too, me aul flower.

            You’ve been missed these past few weeks, though I don’t blame you for laying low.

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