Population: 22; Turnout: 70%



This afternoon.

Whiddy Island, County Cork

Scenes of today’s polling by Random Irish Photos.

The Randomer writes:

Turnout on County Cork’s Whiddy Island appeared to have bucked the national trend. By early afternoon most of the 22 or so eligible to vote in a referendum had cast their vote.

Tim O’Leary, the island’s postman, pub landlord, tour guide, ferryman and Irish Water contractor, was one of the first to vote.

‘I think it will probably be the Yes side that will win it,’ he said after he cast his vote in the Bank House pub, restaurant and shop premises he and wife Kathleen run.

Asked about turnout, he said that by 2pm, most of those eligible to vote had voted, a higher than average turn out.

I’d say that there has been a 70% turnout,’ he said. ‘As usual, we are breaking national trends.’

Also voting on the island yesterday were wife Kathleen, and Tim O’Leary, a 69-year-old retired fisherman who also believes the Yes side will win…

Random Irish Photos

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    1. GiggidyGoo

      Aye Swiss Roll. Them Whiddy Islanders are very suspicious of coffee though
      Hope Tim has a good accountant – that’s some amount of jobs.

  1. GiggidyGoo

    There’s that cat trying to figure out why they put its litter in that strange looking vessel.

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