26 thoughts on “Slow News Day

  1. steve white

    that Hippo died ages ago, he’s only copying a Dail Mail Extra headline that said “Henry the Hippo has died at Dublin Zoo after illness” when the story says “Henry actually died late last year”

  2. scottser

    Though we should spare a thought for poor bertie who right now is probably starting a fight with someone smaller than him that looks like lorius karius.

    1. Bertie Blenkinsop

      Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened
      That’s always been my motto
      I don’t think Liverpool had any luck tonight but Klopp knew GK was the weakness and he didn’t act on it so he was the architect of his own downfall.
      This time next year Rodney….

      1. Brother Barnabas

        takes the number of CL titles that arsenal and real madrid have between them to 13

        extraordinary when you think about it

          1. Diddles

            The 3rd goal is unbelievably bad. I do feel sorry for him but holy god it was awful. A life sized subbuteo keeper would have kept that out

          2. scottser

            I doubt most liverpool fans will be as forgiving as you, bertie. The sports psychologist will be working overtime on the poor lad

          3. Brother Barnabas

            liverpool fans are a little different, I think. don’t think they’ll hold it against him. but a goalkeeper’s confidence is a brittle thing (jim leighton/les sealey as an horrendous example)

          4. Bertie Blenkinsop

            You win and lose as a team.
            Horrible night for him, I hope he gets the support he’s going to need.

          5. Brother Barnabas

            I actually thought he was playing really well up to then. made a couple of v good saves

          6. Brother Barnabas

            interesting comments from steve mcmanaman on it. apparently benzema has scored 3 or 4 goals in la liga doing the very same thing – routinely shadows keepers at throw outs and kick outs. didn’t look like karius knew this. so not entirely his fault – someone’s job to gather that information surely

  3. SOQ

    What referendum?

    Alt Right (Ireland) isn’t exactly blazing a trail now is it? There is even a few posters on this site who could take note.

  4. dylaad.

    Symbolic. I like the snappy title of their opinion piece ‘Opinion: How many more Islamic terrorist attacks will it take before the politically correct do-gooders in society accept the problem we all face together from these savages’

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