44 thoughts on “Wither Youth Defence?

  1. Action Man

    Given Tim Jackson’s recent outbursts on Twitter, I’m guessing a move into a White Power/ Supremecy role.

    1. Frilly Keane

      Yeah, Action Man, that’s clearly a possibility

      but given that the Youth Defense heads are around as long as I am
      they might want’ta consider a re-brand

      Middle-Age sum’ting sum’ting

    1. phil

      exactly , and If I were the prolife type , I would’nt want YD , Loveboats or the ‘institute’ anywhere near any future referendums close to my heart.

  2. TheRealJane

    I’d like to see them all put on an uninhabited island where they can make their own laws and all that.
    Broadcast for our entertainment/horror.

    1. Nullzero

      Some people have opinions that differ from yours so we should deport them to their own island. Say that about travellers, Muslims etc and what would people say?

      1. scottser

        it’s just that pro-lifer’s opinions are weird, twisted, harmful, wrong and based on lies.
        why would you draw those correlations about travellers or muslims? you’re just being obtuse

        1. Nullzero

          You’re having a laugh I hope. So anyone who disagrees with abortion should be shunned from society?

      2. TheRealJane

        Despite appearances, this was intended to be a light-hearted, jokey suggestion rather than an actual policy paper.
        I just think it would be funny to imagine:
        a) what they would actually do with no opposition;
        b) what the outcome would be.

        Would they have magdelan laundries or some other confinement infrastructure? Would they let priests away with abusing kids because they’re too important to be answerable for their actions? Would they have mandatory attendance at Mass?

          1. TheRealJane

            I know. I’d say there’ll also be compulsory fish on Fridays, the return of the domestic shrine to popes and JFK attractively lit by a red bulb and a genteel marriage bureau instead of tinder.

      3. Nigel

        They’d probably say they generally like Travellers and Muslims but there are no doubt a few of them who could be sent to live on the same island with the Setiled Christians of Youth Defence and we can anxiously wait for them to build their golden utopia together.

  3. dav

    ffs, do ye think they are going to give in?? They worship the foetus, they hate the mother. They will protest outside the dail as the bill is debated and then outside the country’s hospitals where the procedure may be available. They will never stop, it is all they know.

      1. dav

        they will embrace the tactics shown by their American fudie friends and will threaten and attack women who try and access medical care as well as the medical professionals who will try and provide it.

        1. scottser

          yeah dav, they may do that but they won’t have the law on their side this time. they’ll be taken for the cranks they are.

        2. DeKloot

          This is exactly what will happen. Militancy and that, in turn, will escalate to violence. It’s so predictable.

  4. rotide

    They pretty much effed off out of the public eye and conciousness after 83, they’ll do the same now.

    We won. Move on.

    1. newsjustin

      Whatever about YD, pro-life voices and organisations are needed now more than ever. To reduce the number of humans aborted, prevent any abuses of the new legislation, to highlight the statistics on abortion as they emerge. HOPEFULLY the Yes side are correct – I really hope they are – that numbers of Irish abortions will decrease now it’s legalised. I’d like to think so, but I just don’t see it. Every human life matters. Every human life counts.

      1. Nigel

        Except for the lives of women adversely affected by the 8th. There was no hypervigilance and moral scrutiny there. Except for the people working to Repeal it.

      2. TheRealJane

        So, what’s the plan to reduce the necessity for abortion now that banning hasn’t worked? What have the brains trust been working on for the last 35 years?

      3. paul

        if pro-life groups can be counted upon to give honest and factual information and deliver it in an impartial way, separate from Church involvement, I think I’d be okay with them hanging around. If people want support around tough decisions, they should have options and the freedom to choose between them.

        1. newsjustin

          The facts and statistics will come from the Department of Health. Although no doubt any increase in abortions will be met with a collective shrug from pro-choice campaigners. The same shrugs they reserve for statistics that show abortion targets people with Down Syndrome and the huge numbers of abortions vs births in Britain.

      4. scottser

        no, you are not needed at all. you are as relevant as a chocolate teapot. please try to accept your loss with some dignity – your whingeing is becoming a bit embarrassing and desperate at this stage .

        1. newsjustin

          You talk about “accepting your loss” like this is all a game scottser. As if a human rights abuse is justified by a majority vote.

          Here’s a question for you, if No had won, do you think the Repeal campaign would shush-up and leave?

          1. Starina

            You’re correct, newsjustin. The human rights abuses inflicted in 1983 weren’t justified by a majority vote. That’s why we just repealed it.

            In all seriousness, though, dude. You do you, if you think it’s right.

          2. scottser

            It is certainly not a game and you are a bit of a male appendage for implying that anyone would think it is. Referendums are won and lost and iif you believe in democracy then you must accept your position is irrelevant to the majority. Kick and moan all you want but only a seriously deluded minority share your view.

      5. Daisy Chainsaw

        When will Cora, Dave, Sheener et al deliver on their policies? Will they campaign for proper sex education that doesn’t involve sellotape and oxytocin? Will they push for better supports for parents and fight for more public housing?

        They will in their doodies!! They’ll keep on fetishising foetuses and hating women being independent, sexual beings.

        And Enda Sherlock will bulldoze hospitals like a good little alt right, misogynist, britlicker.

        1. TheRealJane

          No! Sure don’t you remember in the referendum they thought they’d get people to vote no by saying reform was possible and they’d oppose it, like that wasn’t a very confusing stance.

        1. Frilly Keane

          Ah come on Shakie
          Ya can’t lay’ve him with us
          On our own FFS

          Go off there
          And swap out the studs
          The hardy durty ‘wans
          And put yer boots back on

  5. Dinny Do Well?

    They’re rebranding as “Aul’ Wan Defence”.

    It’s now Euthanasia scare time. Plus, the over-65s have tons of money and property.

    I can see it now – the old codger from the HB ad being rolled out, etc., etc.,

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