Oh, Very Progressive


Two weeks ago, on the eve of the Eighth Amendment referendum and with a twenty five euro voucher to spend at Golden Discs on offer, we asked you: what is your favourite Yes track.

You voted in your proggy tens.

But there can be only one winner.

In reverse order then.

Yes – Starship Troopers

Dinny Do Well? writes

‘While not a massive prog fan, I am partial to a blast of Yes’’s Starship Trooper (YES album) owing to its 9.29 minutes combining the talents of three band members showing vocal dexterity, instrumentation, virtuosity of playing, range (rockabilly in prog?) but especially the indulgent solo in Würm. The ABC of prog dysfunction that will make you wonder. And laugh at the daftness’ (If it can make it to HBO’s Divorce, it’s gotta be worthy.

Yes – Long Distance Runaround

Royal M writes:

While not a massive prog fan, I am partial to a blast of Yes’ Long Distance Runaround owing to its brevity, catchiness and gorgeous melody despite it being unmistakably proggy with it’s jazzy drums, noodly guitar/piano and that bass line.

Yes – Heart Of The Sunrise

Sam writes

While not a massive prog fan, I am partial to a blast of Yes’  Heart of The Sunrise owing to its …its…holy jesus just listen to the madness of the bass and drums in the first 20 seconds alone, though it gets a bit sh*te when the singing starts which isnt for about another 4 mins, it is prog after all…

Yes – Roundabout

Witty Name writes:

Roundabout, the fancy guitar harmonics and chunky bass, with jazzy drums, key changes, timing changes, tangents, organs, fast bits, slow bits. sure, what more do ya need from a bit o’prog. Love it!


Yes – Don’t Kill The Whale

Itchysays writes:

‘While not a massive prog fan, I am partial to a blast of Yes’ Don’t Kill the Whale, from the 1980 live album ‘Yesshows’ owing to the eye-opening effect it had on me, to the worlds ignorance regarding the plight of the Whale and other endangered species of our beautiful world…this in 1980….was a shock to a very young me and many others…the overall atmosphere of the track is incredibly emotive & Rick Wakeman’s melodies at 2:15 are sublime….please give it a listen if you’ve 4:10 to spare ’

PSI am not…. and never have been ‘A Hippy’ ! :) PPS I Vote YES, YES, YES.

Thanks all.

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Golden Discs

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7 thoughts on “Oh, Very Progressive

  1. Itchysays

    Woo Hoo……*Drops Mic !

    (That was my acceptance speech !)…..many thanks to yourselves and Golden Discs, not to seem ungrateful, but is there a way that either yourselves or GD could donate the voucher or its value to a more deserving soul or charity of your own choice, Ive no idea how that would work, but if its possible please let me know.

    Thanks Again Bodger, BS & Golden Discs ……you’ve made my week !

    1. scratchysays

      Or you could just accept it and quietly donate the value of the voucher to a charity of your own choice. That would be very progressive.

  2. samwise_gangee

    “Yes Featuring Jon Anderson, Trevor Rabin, Rick Wakeman” that has more in common with how the feminist movement has gone – the captain is long dead.

    Please don’t attach this cynical movement to band from a more hopeful era…please

  3. Will

    OK, I forgot to enter but how does McAlamont and Butler’s Yes not make this list? I demand a rerun.

  4. ItsCoomy

    I had a part-time job in the Blackrock outlet of Golden Discs. The boss, who was somehow related to the owners of the franchise, used to answer the phone ‘Hello, The Golden Disc’


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