Dear Emily & Nathan


US pro-life couple Emily Faulkner (above centre) and Nathan Berning (second left), of LetThemLive and their handiwork (top) in Dunmore, County Galway. The couple said they were ‘pro-life journalists’ on a crowdfunded assignment in Ireland.

Louise Glavey writes:

Dear Emily Faulkner and Nathan Berning,

I hope you enjoyed your recent trip and all the “journalism” you did while you were here.

Any chance you could crowdfund a return trip to clean up all the litter you left behind?

While I make this submission as a tongue-in-cheek take on the situation, I want you to know that I am taking it seriously.I am filing a police report with photos. (top panel)

The posters are illegal in that they do not display the name of the printer or publisher. They are still up more than 7 days since polling day. Not to mention that they are offensive and upsetting to many local residents.

A further concern of mine is that the couple claim to have printed 5,000 posters for distribution all over the country. I wonder how many other towns and villages have been left with the same litter post-referendum.

We have counted 12 posters still up in Dunmore, Co. Galway…


‘We consider ourselves pro-life journalists in a kind of activist way’ (Irish Times, May 5)

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12 thoughts on “Dear Emily & Nathan

  1. manolo

    Going by the success rate of the fundraisers o ntheir website, they won’t be coming back to ireland anytime soon.

  2. kellma

    Would it fall under the normal litter provisions? I think the fine is 250euro per offense.

  3. Shayna

    Yikes! Helluva vacation for them there two. Remind me not to speak to those types next time I’m in a departure lounge going anywhere.

  4. Junkface

    Ugh…pushy, interfering American christians. Wrecking their own country, trying to wreck everyone elses. The worst!

  5. Dr.Fart MD

    they’re americans, americans are allowed do whatever they want here. pay zero corporate tax, vulture fund activity, block wind farms, flout visa rules, etc etc.. they have a free run on ireland. This lot will be treated no different.

  6. Bs

    The no crowd in Meath took a lot of the yes posters down in the run up, only to put them back up 6 days after the vote. So there’s some intelligence there…despite believing in a sky fairy and haunted bread and wine

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