He Fiddled The Moolah


Former chief executive of Anglo Irish Bank, David Drumm in 2004 (top) and leaving the Criminal Courts of Justice in Dublin this afternoon  (above)

Former Chief Executive of Anglo Irish Bank David Drumm has been found guilty of a conspiracy to defraud and of false accounting at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court

Drumm pleaded not guilty to conspiring with others, to dishonestly make Anglo’s balance sheet look better by €7.2 billion between March and September 2008….

Former Anglo Irish Bank CEO David Drumm found guilty (RTÉ)

Anglo Tapes: Give me the moolah, warned Drumm (Independent.ie)

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David Drumm on Broadsheet


80 thoughts on “He Fiddled The Moolah

      1. trev

        I would love to know the deal struck before he returned to Ireland for the show trial.
        The guarantees he got so as he would surrender himself so justice could be seen to be done.
        There was not much in the media over this as Anglo was quietly put to bed over shadowed by abortion and smear tests.
        He will get a couple of years and when out will quietly melt into the night as many thousands of people will still have to live with what he and his ilk brought to bear on our people
        Only the other day it as revealed in the media of 3800 repossession orders granted
        3800 people or families loosing their homes

    1. Martco

      don’t yez cry for Argentina though

      worst he’ll get is a few months at “the training unit” followed by years of dining out on the stories with his buddies @ golf club

      it’s all such a load of kak

    2. Harry Molloy

      “Fall Guy” was instrumental in a massive deception which means he deserves a different moniker to the one you gave to him.

  1. Liam Deliverance

    I’d give him 30 years, the piece of xxxx. Has legislation now changed so that when the next treasonous arse picker gets it into his or her head to stab every one of their country men and women in the back that they now know they are definitely going down for a few decades if they are caught. Or has nothing changed as is so often the case here.

  2. Junkface

    They should lock him in a cell with a randy Bull for the rest of his life. He won’t get punished at all I’d say. This is Ireland, some people who won’t pay their TV licences will probably get tougher sentences.

  3. Not On Your Nelly

    He won’t go hungry, he won’t miss a holiday and will have more money in his back account then you would ever see in ten lifetimes. Ireland is a fine little island. Go get that gravy and make sure your collar is white. God bless.

        1. Papi

          Your eloquence in adversarial predicaments is, quintessentially, and as usual, impeccable.
          I just hope she forgets all her pin codes. The mare.

    1. Sheik Yahbouti

      ‘Victimless’? No sign of Quinn facing charges for his overweening desire to own a Bank, and refusal to accept his gambling losses?

      1. mildred st meadowlark

        I’d forgotten about him, to my eternal shame.

        An absolute stain of a human.

  4. Kolmo

    This thug may have retarded the trajectory of our society by a decade or two, but It’s not like he mis-labled garlic as apples to evade vat like those animals a few years ago…he deserves every hour of the community service he gets…as long at it doesn’t interfere with his golf, or sailing regattas, that would be barbaric.

    1. veritas

      Godwin’s law refers to the mad urge to invoke Hitler in any argument on the net. May I propose Begley’s law be called whenever one tries to minimise the harm done by some cheat or fraudster. After all “garlic man” put six million in his own pocket fraudulently and today is still living the high life.

      1. trev

        So Godwin’s law?
        The real stinker here as well as the debt stuck on our future generations is the .300 million euro cost for the liquidators
        Yes folks 300 million euros a nice little earner

          1. Frilly Keane

            interesting read that
            (although the Poster Advertising type presentation was too much)

            you seem to be a bittve’ insider
            with stuff about this and DOB /INM etc
            wanna share stuff about the 111 legal suits against them
            dm if ya like

          2. Cian

            Wow. and another €51-€67million forcast. Bringing the total to about €300million.

            Nice little earner for KPMG – they got aver half that money

          3. johnny

            the presentation was very ‘punchy’ and hip, like a travel brochure !

            sad to tell ya Frilly,its now 112,here’s a link to Entire Complaint to Data Commissioner of GDPR breach(Irelands First),it involves the loans on the Blackrock clinic.


            cian-no consultant/advisor has ever low balled a job like this, closer to 350 by time its all over.

            ps-regained control of keyboard-no caps:)

  5. Christopher

    The conman who gets up early in the morning!
    I’m calling a 5 year sentence in a minimum security holiday camp and him out in 14 months.

    1. Frilly Keane

      I’m calling 7 years 9 months
      out and about doing a 9-5 somewhere under a Community Employment Scheme in about 12 months
      or in DCU or sum’ting like that

    1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

      I really enjoy doing that. It’s a different job than I thought it might be but very rewarding.

  6. Peter Dempsey

    Hopefully he gets at least 8 years. If only to shut up the lefties who scream about white collar crime but ignore repeat violent offenders.

  7. Martco

    I wonder how many suicide notes & ruined families this sociopath & his ex workmates were responsible for

    1. trev

      I would say its in the tens if not more
      No figures have been compiled over the attempted suicides and the successful suicides then we have the heart attacks the victims of cancer brought on by stress
      We are now beginning to see more and more repossessions
      How many divorces as well

    2. Peter Dempsey

      Most of Anglo’s lending was to property developers who presumably are hated by the average Broadsheet reader. They didn’t do house mortgages.

      1. Martco

        I wasn’t specific about whom his victims were @Peter…but even taking that literally for a moment…what about the contractors, subcontractors & their families etc it’s a chain of people right down to the fella fitting kitchens.

        we have a habit in this country of treating likes of Drumm very lightly
        the “ah shure paperwork error” victimless crime as opposed to serious FRAUD which affected thousands…back in his favourite country criminals like him get 30years in prison

        Drummer there will eventually serve just enough time in the “training unit” at mountjoy or even better on a new fangled electronic tag to complete that nice degree in modern art he’s always fancied having a go at but just never had the time to do.

  8. GiggidyGoo

    Cue his local Parish Priest to give a glowing reference. And a few TDs probably too.

    1. trev

      Was it not Irish life and permanent under Gillian bowler who transferred the 7.8 billion
      And we did get an apology from Gillian bowler who was appointed as the chairperson with no record in banking
      Maybe an investigation into how a person was appointed with no banking credentials to such a position.
      You could just not make it up

  9. johnny

    70,000 a year to keep him locked up,not exactly a very high risk of recidivism!
    -that’s it folks,the half time entertainment is over for now,please stay distracted and thanks for tuning it to this show trial,can’t wait for that F awesome perp walk huh-

    1. bisted

      …the yanks would have perp walked him from day 1 and got a plea bargain that would have taken them all down…now he’ll just be a scapegoat and get his reward in the Caribean…

      1. johnny

        -the yanks arrested,locked him up and deported him,when finally the govt filled charges,i dont think he was ever offered a plea deal,he’d have taken it-
        -can’t wait read the appeal court contempt of court decision against INM for the tapes-was redacted until this ended-cui bono ?
        -he simply wasn’t smart enough to have stashed anything Caribbean or otherwise:)

        1. trev

          To be honest the whole sad sorry mess has many very important individuals involved
          The bank that transferred billions to Anglo got away with a proper investigation
          No one just transfers 7 billion odd euro of account holders cash
          In the USA bankers were jailed and in Iceland the same
          No one has even delved into the likes of auditors who apparently did not do their jobs and what about their insurance for liability which all companies have
          A line was drawn under the crash and no one was held account
          People were protected and a few just a few given token sanction
          Meanwhile the citizens of this state was handed the bill that has caused untold suffering on our people and future generations
          The fact assets were transferred to his wife shows he had been smart enough and I would say behind the scenes a deal has been done between him and others
          I doubt he will even serve two years and when out will have a life of luxury

  10. trev

    Released on bail after he was convicted
    This just shows the reality of the farce
    How many lives destroyed?

    1. johnny

      he’s awaiting sentencing on June 20th-hardly a flight risk-due process sucks,should just lock him up!
      anglo didn’t do ‘retail’ it was for the big boys-most the decisions that adversely affected peoples lives were made by the govt,the farce is that he wasn’t exactly a lone wolf,or some criminal mastermind,he was and is a schmuck.

      1. trev

        Dam right lock him up
        Its not about flight risk its about punishment
        They are already talking about taking into account time served while extradition was being fought by him
        Many peoples futures were stolen from them due to the crash so mercy is a luxury his actions removed from the peoples of Ireland
        Lock him away in a deep hole for eternity
        He deserves no mercy just suffering

  11. johnny

    cant imagine why anyone thought he’d have any issues getting a fair trail,or finding an impartial jury !
    if you believe locking Drumm up and throwing away the key resolves anything,all best with your world view.
    he’s entitled to fair treatment through the judicial system,just like anyone else,climb off your high horse there’s hardly any oxygen at that altitude….

    1. Topsy

      This man & a small cohort of others wrecked the very fabric of this country through greed. Live wouldn’t be enough for this lowlife.

        1. Johnny

          Why don’t you try out at The Gaiety,clearly drama is your forte:)
          He’s been tried,found guilt,awaits sentencing.
          You could just as easily blame Geitnner,ECB Irish govt. lots blame go around.

          1. Papi

            Johnny, did you take davids computer that has no Caps Lock button, and he took yours that dose/does….
            hmmmmm fishy fishy phishy…..

    2. trev

      I do it resolves the issue that he paid the price of the suffering his actions caused
      Maybe I would take it a step further
      His whole family left homeless penniless and futureless
      Then his family can blame him for visiting this on them
      I distinctly hate the fact that I am a victim of the bust that I did not cause and I am sanctioned for it

  12. bisted

    …there are clearly many here who understand the legal niceities better than I do but there is a pattern that is evident in this case as there is in so many others…delay…delay…delay…and justice delayed is justice denied…

    1. Cian

      What is the issue?
      He was in the USA for years. They got a deportation order and he was returned here. He has been tried and found guilty. In two weeks time he will be sentenced.

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