17 thoughts on “Meanwhile, In UCD

  1. Carlos Strange

    oh nooo nooo noooo. you misunderstand. CELERBITY is when you serve celery in little bitties. Totes the rage now, bruhs. Espesh with Celebrities.

  2. digs

    It’s a typo….???? Don’t really understand the post. How has this signage any relevance to the mediocrity of Irish universities? Perhaps the poster is the real idiot here?

    1. Cian

      Perhaps the original poster is suggesting that the misspelling on the poster, for a lecture supported by the two largest (and highest ranked) universities in Ireland, is indicative of the quality of said institutes of higher education?

      1. Bob

        Who will be held accountable for the spelling mistake … is the not funny joke.

        I don’t know how anyone takes them seriouly since they became “UCD Dublin” (sic).

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