Kenny Live (For Now)


The show that never stops.

A big thank you to, clockwise from top left: Luke Brennan; Neil Curran; ‘Preposterous‘; Johnny Keenan; Vanessa Foran; Olga Cronin and Kenny Tynan, our panel on last night’s Broadsheet on the Telly.

The show, produced by Neil, can be viewed in its entirety above.

Bookmarking a packed episode was brain cancer sufferer Kenny, who gave us an update from Athlone on his  #DontKillKenny campaign to obtain cannabis oil while Olga brought us  the latest porkies evidence from the Disclosures Tribunal.

Our ‘at a glance’ guide:

1:55 – Katie Taylor statement
8:45 – #dontkillkenny & legalising medicinal marijuana
55:45 – De Entertainment
1:11:05 – Nick Cave, RKH and bike hate.
1:19:55 – Disclosures update
2:01:06 – Luke’s art in a Portuguese museum
2:08:00 – De papers
2:13:37 – Vanessa’s photo of the week

The show contains a number of ‘f-bombs’.


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13 thoughts on “Kenny Live (For Now)

  1. Dr.Fart MD

    i know i must be wrong, coz im obviously not the first to think of it, but ya can get CBD oil here. IS CBD not the main healing property of cannabis? and ya dont really need the THC part?

    1. walkman

      I suppose the THC is the part the legalise dope heads want and use the medicinal argument to push their agenda
      They say THC has therapeutic properties and would help with motor neuron disease
      You can look on the net and the amount of articles for or against are numerous but no real concrete research
      But I would say the dangers regarding psychosis might outweigh any medicinal benefit
      All I know is I know quite a few dope smokers who partake and have noticed over the years their aggression when questioned about anything is greater when they are not smoking the stuff
      I would say medicinal cannabis minus the THC is the way to go
      Do we really need another drug on sale especially as we are cracking down on drink driving and data tells us people driving under the influence of drugs is increasing in a rather alarming manner

      1. Bob

        Dope heads will get their illegal drugs anyways and since we’re all pro choice now there’s no sense stopping people from getting limited prescription CBD. Trust doctors.

      2. anne

        Hang on a minute…

        Cannabis minus THC leaves you with CBD – already legal.

        The THC is what’s working, along with the CBD, to stop seizures, clonus, pain relief, arthritis pain/stiffness etc..

        People like Vera Twomey are not giving cannabis oil to their kids to stop seizures in enough quantities to get them high or bring on psychosis.

        You’re mixing up recreational use with medicinal use…you don’t get high from the amounts used for medicinal purposes.

        Psychosis is more likely from the opiod based painkillers like oxycontin.

        There’s no way THC is more harmful than that stuff…

        ‘As it has euphoric effects similar to other opioids, oxycodone is one of the drugs abused in the current opioid epidemic in the United States.’

      3. Papi

        They are probably aggressive cos they have to talk to you, you insufferable scab.

  2. anne

    This has to be some sort of p*ss take in fairness… need a drug that’s prescribed in 22 other EU countries, right.. go on a wild goose chase & see if you can get yourself a consultant who’ll say you need it. Shag off like. Typical Irish solution. What a joke.

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