34 thoughts on “Je Sui Delira

  1. chimpy

    Fair play to him. Though I wonder is he as much a thug as his father was. Couldnt stand trevor brennan when he played for Ireland, an out and out thug.

    1. Joe cool

      Thatswhy the top team in europe at the time went all out to sign him, just cos hes a thug. Behave

        1. It’s real

          What a stupid article and statements by world rugby

          What’s astonishing about punching a rugby fan?

  2. Sheila

    He moved when he was five, but that Dublin accent is still going strong – excellent!

    1. Col

      Yeah, it’s amazing! He must come home a fair bit. I would love to know whether his French is accented?

  3. Brendan Grehan

    In fairness, Trevor Brennan I always felt was very badly treated by referees. Fair balls to his son. He was dealt with very harshly over the fan incident.

  4. Boj

    I have personally arm wrestled Trevor Brennan, I did not win but it was a lot closer than I thought. Granted, he was ossified @3am during a lock-in where I had just finished work. Two guards then had a go….the good oul days! Twas great craic altogether.

    1. Rugbyfan

      Association soccer is more often than not the lead story on sports reports on all news channels in Ireland, especially the overhyped and overthere Premiership!

        1. Ger Mc

          you can take the boy out of dublin but you can’t take the dub out of him.Met his da once . a pure gent .

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