Strange Weather


Bizarre geometric weathering patterns resembling crop circles on the chain link fence of bemused Twitter user @Ben_On_The_Moon, who has been photographing the phenomenon for years, as yet unable to discover the cause.

Which is witchcraft, obviously.

Or, according to astute commenter, Barry the Hatchet…


10 thoughts on “Strange Weather

  1. Jeffrey

    Listed from Reddit:

    Definitely looks like a metallic patina.

    This is not galvanic corrosion as 2 different metals need to be in contact with each other for that to happen, which I don’t see in the photo.

    Copper Oxide being the black areas and Copper Sulfites, Sulfates, Carbonates and Chlorides being the green.

    Where the copper came from I have no idea. Perhaps it was leached out of the alloy the fence is made of.

    There is also Green Rust which is the same thing I listed above except replace the Copper with Iron so; Iron Oxides, Sulfates, Chlorides, etc. This is the much more likely scenario.

    Mix in some anaerobic bacteria making their home in the porous compounds and you got yourself a lovely patterned patina.

    Source: Am metallurgist.

    1. Knarf

      Unlikely… The fence would be plasti-coated green and it is the degradation of the green laminate that is causing it… Possibly u.v. ??

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