23 thoughts on “Beer Special

    1. Jeremy kyle

      Yep, was thinking the same. in most pub, 355ml bottles are usually about the same as a pint. So it’s really 6 for the price of 5. not a great deal. But, it’s not outrageous.

      1. george

        The point is one appears to be €4.

        Its a badly written sign, I’d say. I’m guessing pints of the beers listed are €4 and bottles of any beer are 6 for €25. Why you’d pay more for a bottle that’s smaller than a pint, I can’t explain.

  1. Starina

    in an off-license, no. In a pub, yes. €4.17 each, compared to the usual bottle price of €5.50ish.

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      Yes but the beers are already advertised at €4 each. So Barry is right to point out that there is no deal here. Customer is actually losing €1 if availing of the six-bottle promotion.

      1. edalicious

        But the €4 beers are all, I’m guessing, on tap rather than in bottles. There is a deal but it’s just worse value than the other deal.

        1. Spaghetti Hoop

          Ah here – it says nothing about tap and I haven’t a clue about beers. I just see €4 for one unit and €25 for six units. This is Junior Cert Maths Ordinary Level Paper 1 stuff.

  2. edalicious

    I don’t get why people drink longneck bottles in the pub. They’re such terrible value for money.

  3. Diddles

    Anybody ever drink in Corrigan’s? If so, is it worth a visit? I’m curious about the place…..just haven’t been quite curious enough to go for a pint
    I didn’t think it was a board games kind of pub. Maybe they’re giving blackbird a run for their money

    1. Adama

      It’s a good spot, gets a lot of trade from the Hill pub ex-regulars. Hasn’t yet succumbed to HipsterVille decor and beer yet.

      1. Diddles

        Thanks. Must pop in.
        The Hill is a bit miserable at the moment. It’s not a traditional bar, hipster bar or a modern bar. On my last two visits your man behind the bar was as welcoming as my neighbours jack Russell. They have all sorts of obscure beers on tap and a staff member not willing to disclose anything about any of them despite no other customers present. Oh, and the place could do with a wipe

          1. Adama

            Yeh it was. Spontaneously converting it like all the other local venues into a hipster joint did it no favours. Corrigans at least has held fast.

  4. Terry McMahon fan

    The Longneck is the great irish rip off. 330mls for 5 to 6 euros or more. Im looking forward to Wetherspoons opening in town. In the one in Blackrock you get a pint of brewdog punk IPA for €3.75 yes €3.75…

  5. Spud

    What’s an ‘up and coming quiz night’?
    Are there questions on bands we haven’t heard about yet?

  6. Spammer

    Perhaps the proprietor of this establishment is a former politician and takes us all for idiots…

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