11 thoughts on “Stoned Tample Pilot

  1. Anon

    40e for a Guinness is a bit steep and I don’t know what a Tample Bar is, but it sounds delicious.

  2. Paulus

    In Krakow the main square has a procession of these plying for business:
    A babe in fancy frilly equestrian gear tempts potential punters with fluttering eyelashes and good english.
    (I’m there standing sheepishly like Fr Dougal Maguire not knowing where to look).
    When a punter IS pulled in, up jumps her gruff stubbled buddy to take the reins.
    The frilly one then has the rather less glamorous job of catching any horse-poo in a bag-on-a-stick before it hits the ground – while simultaneously texting and making plans for later.

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