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  1. SOQ

    Barbra Windsor: Can they not just let the poor woman be? Hard enough battling an illness without seeing stories about yourself in the tabloids. Not called the gutter press for nothing I suppose.

  2. Ollie Cromwell

    Come on England !
    As the only part of the British Isles represented in the World Cup let’s get behind our boys.

    1. Ollie Cromwell

      What a marvellous performance from Sir Harry Kane and the boys as they made short shrift of a bunch of Panamanian thugs and clod-hoppers to go top of their group.
      Sterner tests lie ahead,of course,but plenty of excuses for those loyal English supporters to celebrate with some local Russkie maidens tonight.
      Meanwhile,from their pints of cheap lager and crimson-red ginger faces in Santa Ponsa,the Irish soccer team will be enjoying their break before the arduous First Division season cranks up again.
      O’Neill and Keane will be checking into their online banks to see if the monthly Easy Money payment has gone through.
      And at his Italian villa 79-year-old Giovanni Trapattoni will be taking his daily call from loyal assistant Marco Tardelli which usually goes ” eh boss,how the hell did we get away with making all that Irish dough from trying to teach a load of donkeys to play Route One.Do you think they’ll ever qualify for a world cup again ? ” to which Trap replies ” hey,shaddup ya face,I’m thinking of getting the band back together for one more offer to manage Ireland.You do know FAI stands for F**k All Idea “

      1. mildred st meadowlark

        Patting yourself on the back for winning against Panama lol

        They’ll be talking about that one for years. That’s the pinnacle of British football now isn’t it?

          1. mildred st meadowlark

            I’d rather watch Ireland kick the Brits up and down a rugby pitch. Nothing stings like being beaten at your own game, right?

            They tell me there’s a cream for that. I’m sure you’ve got a standing order of it.

        1. martco

          Mildred, exactly this.

          Charger you must know that your boys future probably lies in getting as far as the semi’s only to go out on penos again.

          Kane’s roots are very Irish btw…Letterfrack in Connemara.

          I do hope Engerland continue to go well but not my pick for the win

          1. scottser

            This is how the fix works. 2 handy games and england are suddenly invincible. Theyll probably even beat the belgian reserves, who will go on to face japan while england as group winners get brazil or germany.. I cant see them getting into the last eight as they havent faced a proper test yet.

        2. Brother Barnabas

          it’s sad to see a neighbouring nation in terminal, pathetic decline

          celebrating losing a test series in rugby yesterday

          today celebrating a win against perennial whipping boys of international football

          did us all a great favour though. if they’d managed to lose today, it would have been back to the usual thuggish throwing tables and chairs through cafe windows, drunkenly terrorising the locals. that’ll have to wait until they get spanked by belgium

          1. Ollie Cromwell

            You forgot England completing a 5-0 series whitewash against great cricketing rivals Australia.
            On the same day.
            But enjoy the quidditch this summer.

          2. Brother Barnabas

            i didn’t forget it; i wasn’t aware of it. i don’t regard cricket as as a real sport – just an excuse for ponces to have a get-together.

            and i don’t know what quidditch is. suppose I could google it, but not really bothered

    2. jimmy

      Great win
      Some commented on newstalk was choking as he announced England’s massive win
      He also stated that they were now joint first on the table with Belgium but he was so happy re running the Robbie Keane goal
      Talk about begrudgery

    3. Ollie Cromwell

      Crikey,who are these dullard Irish commentators at the Poland v Columbia kick-about ?
      Even they sound like journeymen pros.
      Show us your medals mates.

      1. Ollie Cromwell

        Hard luck Poland.
        I have huge respect for the Polish.Very reliable workers here in Ireland if you catch my drift.
        Apart from the Slovakians – in support of my gardener/ handyman – they’re my favourite East European country.
        Tastiest plastering I ever saw.

        1. Nigel

          Yes I agred watching plaster dry and watching football are about the same level of entertaining.

          1. jimmy

            Slovakia was part of Yugoslavia
            Often referred to as eastern Europe
            I think that was due to the cold war
            It is also also classified as a central European country

  3. johnny

    Digicel Death Watch- just what exactly Digicel is up to,has the founder lost control off it,are the bond holders/market making all the decisions ?.
    Carville famously quipped that he’d like come back as the bond market,it scares everyone.Digicel is NOT making any acquisitions, a key plank of its IPO strategy,but the real sign that DOB has lost control is the shocking lack of special dividends/distributions to Dennis,the proceeds from all these fire sales is to improve metrics/reduce the billions in debt.

    Digicel IPO:
    “Digicel’s Network. During the three years ended March 31, 2015, Digicel made a strategic decision to invest $1.5 billion in capital expenditure (including the purchase of intangible assets but excluding acquisitions of businesses), representing 43.1% of Adjusted EBITDA over that period, to create a superior network infrastructure that it believes will facilitate and provide it with the capacity for future growth across Mobile, Cable TV & Broadband and Business Solutions. With approximately 5,940 cell sites, Digicel currently provides mobile coverage in all population centers in its markets using either global system for mobile communications (“GSM”), general packet radio services (“GPRS”), Enhanced Data rates for Global Evolution (“EDGE”) or 4G coverage in 30 of its 31 markets through HSPA+ or LTE. Approximately 5,600 towers on which these cell sites are situated are owned by Digicel, which significantly reduces payments to third parties in respect of tower leases. The expansion of its 4G coverage is a critical component of Digicel’s strategy, as it believes population-wide mobile coverage through a high-quality network has always been a key differentiator in Digicel achieving leading market positions. ”

    per the IPO Digicel owns 5,600 towers which it states are critical to is strategy off:

    “The management believes wireless network infrastructures supported by next generation fixed cable and fiber infrastructure, where present, ideally positions Digicel to service increasing demand arising from corporate (including small and medium-sized enterprises) customers and Government entities and to benefit from the convergence of fixed and mobile usage.”

    so why is it flogging its towers to an extremely astute buyer,backed by vulture fund Blackstone ?
    sales to date
    450 Caribbean n/a
    215 French West Indies (180,000)
    202 El Salvador n/a

    leaving it with 4,800 let’s say they worth 200,000 each (4,733 x 200,000) or 1 Billion (946,600,000).
    Extremley limited,market for outdated cell towers (fiber is the future) in narco states/hell holes subject to punishing weather – can you even insure them ?

    2020 Bond is 2 Billion-so even IF Digi flogs every cell tower still standing after another hurricane season,its 1 BILLION short at maturity,a smart play would be sell ALL its towers and buy back its bonds as they trading at 80 cents on the dollar-but that simply ain’t a option.

    In 2015, Digicel had $500m in cash. It now has $155m,burn baby burn-that’s some burn rate!
    Sale/leaseback increases op expenses in long run-reduces net its desperate days at Digi.

    1. jimmy

      Poor DOBin
      Looks like it will go the way his shopping channel went
      The investors will loose DOB will just cleanse himself

        1. Ollie Cromwell

          He needed it to sell most of Ireland on the cheap.
          Welcome to capitalism baby.

    2. Frilly Keane

      Hang on Johnny
      500 mill in cash ..

      Was that from Revenues?
      Or was there some disposals in that year?

      Live your work btw

      1. johnny

        Hi Frilly,just heading out the door,will elaborate and provide some more details a little later.

          1. johnny

            Frilly this info is from two primary sources:
            1-Moody’s Credit Opinion (26 April 2018)
            2-Moody’s Update to Discussion of Key Credit Factors (26 April 2018)
            4-IPO Prospectus (link below)

            “Digicel’s rating is nevertheless constrained by its high leverage of approximately 6.5x (Moody’s adjusted, 12/31/17) and aggressive financial policy, which has included debt funded acquisitions and opportunistic dividend payments. Additionally, Digicel’s rating is negatively impacted by its negative free cash flow, despite high margins, due to high capital intensity and interest costs. Digicel is also present in emerging markets with a history of instability and exposure to adverse weather events and is exposed to the risk of currency depreciation against the US dollar, especially in its three largest geographies: Jamaica, Haiti and Papua New Guinea. Finally, Digicel faces large debt maturities starting in September 2020: in our view, Digicel has a limited runway to simultaneously improve its fundamental credit profile and address these large looming maturities with anticipation.”

            Moodys (1) has stated that unless -” The ratings could be downgraded if leverage is sustained above 6x debt to EBITDA (Moody’s adjusted). Further, Digicel’s ratings could be downgraded if the company does not make material progress addressing its large maturity towers by mid 2018 or if the company uses a material amount of cash for shareholder returns.”

            “Digicel has continued to generate negative free cash flow in FYE March 2018, which has been a drag on its cash balance. Cash balance amounted to approximately $200 million at 31 December 2017, but the company’s $100 million revolving credit facility issued by DIFL was fully drawn at that date. The company had drawn under the revolver after the hurricanes affected its operations, but used the $100 million upsize of its term loan, completed during Q1 2018, to reduce the drawing.
            Digicel has immaterial debt maturities in Q4 FYE March 2018 ($3 million) and FYE March 2019 ($11 million). Debt maturities increase in FYE March 2020 ($156 million) and then in FYE March 2021 with a $2.0 billion bond maturing in September 2020. We expect Digicel to reduce its cash burn in FYE March 2019 and approach free cash flow break-even.”

            hope this helps-in answer to your question i utilized page 17 IPO (Attached)


  4. johnny

    A little info on the buyer off last resort for Digicel,a humorous aside Stevie Schwarzman (founder) Blackstone is one POTUS closest confidants and advisors,who loathes Clinton/Foundation and its donors-where did it all go so wrong for Dennis!

    “Blackstone’s Tactical Opportunities business employs an opportunistic investment strategy across asset classes, industries and geographies. The strategy seeks to capitalize on time-sensitive or non-traditional investment opportunities that are differentiated and difficult to source, analyze or execute”

    With a high probality of BK (bankruptcy) under which a tenant can void/cancel leases this very opportunistic investor/lender would probably change mid teens yield or vig-in other words for every 100 dollars it paid Digicel per tower they would receive 15 back per year,possibly with annual increases.Borrowing or selling to these guys is the same as borrowing from infamous top mob loan shark Frank Calabrese.


    1. Harry Molloy

      He’s done an awful lot for charity in the carribean though, you have to give him that. Not to mention helping to finance the manager of the Irish football team tbpf.

      1. johnny

        oh FFS Harry,charitable donations are tax deductible,its simply a cheaper more effective method of PR/Branding.
        which is why given the absolute car crash of his main business,he’s canceled or backed out most these including supporting the FAI-stick slagging off Sinn Fein Harry,this is senior hurling.

        1. SOQ

          Speaking of senior hurling, slaggin off Sinn Féin will become a wheelchair sport after the next government is formed.

          1. SOQ

            Wheelchairs are great, it is amazing how (relatively) young fellas can dance in them around clubs in Belfast.

        2. Johnny

          Again with the wheelchairs,disabled people at dance clubs,constant scatoligical references,your a man child constantly,desperately seeking any attention.
          Please,please someone anyone respond,please,pretty please,or will you keep repeating your inane,totally irrelevant,attention seeking nonsense.
          Try have some self respect and self esteem,you’ve nothing say so stop trying hang out with the cool kids,desperate and needy is such a bad look:)

          1. SOQ

            Oh dear, west Belfast doesn’t like being reminded of it’s recent history it appears.

            I am a mature gay man in case you haven’t noticed, I don’t ‘hang out’ with kids, cool or not. Now what are you sweetie?

          2. johnny

            ah here comes the sexual preferences questions,gosh almost a entire thread without screaming from the rooftops about YOURSELF and your sexual identity,which defines every post,comment you make,who cares besides you ?
            recent history oh please,stop being so dramatic all the time- August 31st, 1994, the Provisional IRA declared a ‘complete cessation of violence’- those imaginary ‘young fellas’ in wheelchairs at nightclubs would be creepy old men !
            what that has do with anything is beyond me-how’s your ‘Broadsheet” band coming along LOL,that’s so not desperate,no really its not………
            say hello the the SF reps at Pride,very inclusive,looking to the future,unlike some…

          3. SOQ

            Suppose all those at the who have been celebrating the decriminalisation of homosexuality this weekend are screaming it from the rooftops too eh? And if you doubt the work to be done, ask yourself why it is that we do not have one out gay sportsman in Ireland. Leo, for all his faults, is leading the way on that front.

            As for SF and Pride, yes some are and have been solid supporters right back from the early 80’s. I know more about those people than you ever will but, that does not mean all are, far from it.

            The wheelies as they are known are now only in their 40’s and are still active, what age are you exactly?

          4. johnny

            and here we are once AGAIN,on a thread that has feck all to do with this,discussing wheelchairs,gay athletes,homosexualtiy,IRA,SF and you wonder why i refuse engage/ignore your simple idiotic totally ireleavant rants about SF/Wheelchairs and your sexual preferences all of which i have’nt the slightest interest in!
            explain what the ‘wheelies’ have to do with a lengthy,detailed,reserached post on Digicel and Dennis O’Brien that you cant read ANYWHERE else ok !

            Conor Cusack
            Nikki Symmons
            Valerie Mulcahy

          5. SOQ

            Unless you are an admin on this site you do not make the call as to who posts what or how a thread swings. Are you an admin? Only one of those names is a current footballer and while GAA women are fully supported, you know damned well that was not what I was referring to.

            And for the record my SF cynicism comes from VERY recent times; it is most definitely not historical.

            Were you a bully at school too?

          6. johnny

            WTF are you on-you’ve been trolling me for ages-advising me to take laxatives !
            whining on treads i have’nt even posted on about ‘rooftops’…
            nah i was always way too cool,always had lots off game even at school,too self absorbed and selfish to bother others:)
            don’t get in the water if you don’t want get wet,your choice to post nonsense underneath mine,lots posts you can go bore people on.
            i have no idea what your referring to most off the time-do you ?

  5. Bernie

    SOQ, In the interest of putting the whole wheelchair access, wheelchair users subject to bed, so to speak – are you in a chair yourself, or are you a ‘devotee’ I think they’re called, somebody with a disability fetish? Genuine question as this is about the third time wheelchair access in West Belfast etc has been introduced, by you, into conversation, in the last week or so. Are you not able to get about or what’s the story?

    1. SOQ

      I introduced it because a number of dance fans in Belfast were left in wheelchairs by member of the now SF. You can say it was of the times, a bit like a father taking a belt to his children, but it doesn’t make it right and I strongly believe that the victims of the troubles with no voice are those who were abused by their own side.

      You asked an honest question Bernie and I have answered. I have the upmost respect for some members of SF and I wouldn’t pee on others if they were on fire. It is mainly an age thing but I will never have time for those who disabled their own, absolutely none.

      1. johnny

        so your like their spokesperson,or their ‘voice’ on here,in the same way that others constantly speak for survivors of childhood sexual abuse invoking ‘pedos’ and SF incessantly,despite it crossing religious/ethnic/social divides,its only SF ‘victims’ that have spokespeople on here !
        put down the shovel and stop digging man,it’s like taking candy from a child,i prefer a bit more sport or game!

  6. Bernie

    Ah Johnny, the repetitive snarky snipes on the whole wheelchair business is testing my patience. Thank you for bringing me up to speed on the proper terminology ;-) As a student I worked in a home for the elderly and cared for a few amputees. I must say that i never felt anything stir within, as I pulled the required silken stocking over their stumps, before attaching the prosthesis, so I can safely say, I am not a paraphiliac. There may be some amongst us that are at full sail at the mere thought of a ramp or widened doorway, that’s perfectly fine, but it irks and bores to have it brought into all manner of discussion. I’m sure there are groups and get-togethers to compare notes etc for this purpose , as with other hobbies and interests.

    I am looking forward to viewing the show you’ve provided the link for, you’re a rascal lol.

    1. johnny

      Oh its also not my ‘thing” but enjoy Emily,I’m totally lost on that whole business myself-but probably best left well alone,I’d say we will get a rest from it for a while at least :)

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