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Illustrations by Dublin’s Chris Judge for his children’s book The Lonely Beast which was published in 2011

Luke Brennan writes:

Sad to see this sort of creative appropriation by large corporations. It seems to me that the work done by Chris judge on his wonderful “Lonely Beast” books has been lifted by the ad people.

It’s a sad story, as the small guy never has the meansto challenge the corporation, IP law and design rights are hard to enforce, so the big guy always wins.


Lonely Beast

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6 thoughts on “Uncanny

  1. Paul

    nothing is original. Go back far enough and ‘The Lonely Beast’ probably unknowingly ripped off someone else. There’s plenty of difference between the two examples above.

  2. Junkface

    What about Sulli from Monsters Inc? Its closer to that than the Lonely Beast, because its in 3D, and furry.

  3. Termagant

    If you’re going to make your monster design the most generic monster design there is then you can’t really complain when people design something similar.

    By the same token Chris could be accused of ripping off the design of the Morrug

  4. Termagant

    Incidentally, is the Monster monster supposed to encourage jobseekers? Because I’m thinking it’s more an eldritch despair kind of effect. Those little white eyes.

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