25 thoughts on “Ah Here

  1. mildred st. meadowlark

    Oho! John put your wig on and I’ll grab my Madonna bra, we’ll show him.

      1. bisted

        …mate you say…you could be on to something…having his head up someone’s arse could explain Bodgers hair…

  2. John f

    I have to say the “only one woman” remark is a bit harsh, I daresay Veronica must be fuming, maybe her camera was not in the right light.
    On a semi-serious note, the whole gender imbalance thing is a red herring. People are getting bent out of shape over nothing. As a society we should be publicly debating things like alleviating the national debt, the lapsing public services, institutional church damage, why politics is morally bankrupt, how Sinn Fein have become a Unionist party regarding the EU etc. etc.
    instead, BS issues like gender equality are rolled out for the masses to needlessly fight over.
    Right next to where I live there is a massive building site, 100% men, rubbish collection, plumbing, electrical work, mechanicing truck driving etc etc and 98% plus men. Where are the calls for gender balance? Milder and day feminism for the most part is about as fake as Trudeau’s falling eyelash.

    1. Barry the Hatchet

      **NEWSFLASH** Man thinks gender inequality is nothing to worry about.

      And in today’s other news: White person tooootally doesn’t see race. Straight person doesn’t care who anyone sleeps with. Rich person comments sagely that money doesn’t make you happy.

      1. rotide

        You’re pretty bad at making examples.

        They just back up that actually, gender inequality is nothing to worry about.

  3. Vanessa off the Telly

    Just in case nobody noticed
    My name is Vanessa

    And for the record, since the columnist Mr Michael O’Doherty didn’t note it either; I do not see myself as being on any side of any gender quota. But as an equal amoungst colleagues friends other guests etc.

    Additionally, if you all don’t mind. I have never met Michael O’Doherty or have ever being in his company. In fact this is my first time recognising him at all as I don’t read The Herald, and most Broadsheet on the Telly viewers are anonymous. All of which should tell ye that there has never been an occasion where I might have fallen out with him. In any capacity. Which might or might not explain why the gentleman did not know my name.

    Thank you
    Have a good day everyone

  4. Huey Luas on the News

    In fairness MOD is still in shock over the loss of his burnt orange Lamborghini, so he can plead PTSD.

    Saying you have never met him is heresy on a par with never being a follower of Gavin Lambe-Murphy’s MySpace page.

    Whatever happened New York Dog? (Gets popcorn and waits for comment to be deleted)

  5. CoderNerd

    The women appearing on Broadsheet on the Telly are successful professionals, while the men are beardy weirdies.

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