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  1. postmanpat

    Anonymous have my blessing to hack the crap out of the World Meeting of Families website. Jasus! I can hear all the old biddies trying to get little grandson Billy ,who’s “Good-With-Computers” to try and get tickets to see this gangster. “but Ma , she smells like wee!” . “That’s enough Billy, you play enough of your Minecrafts and nanny was very good to you growing up, Now sit there and wait for those tickets to go on sale and order them” “why cant my sister do it?” “Because….because ….just do it ,your better at that kind of thing, you like computers”

    1. Huey Luas on the News

      If fairness, it’s a great excuse to practice some wrist action on er, adult sites. “Yeah, ma, bandwidth a bit slow. Big draw on the oul Papal webserver, probably a load-balancing issue. Be up here all night. Any Hob Hobs while you’re at it? Knock (boom, boom) before you come in”

  2. Liam

    how will they know if you’re really a priest – do they have an official ID system? This could be my chance to finally “lunge wildly at the Pope” as suggested by Bill Bailey.

  3. realPolithicks

    This is all part of the propaganda campaign being waged in advance of the visit to explain why the crowds will be much smaller than the last time. They have “limited” the number of tickets to the park and will use this and claims of “protest buying of tickets” to explain the low turnout.

    1. Huey Luas on the News

      I’d say Cabinteely Parkrun will getting a bigger turnout. But I doubt this is a concerted campaign. People just aint interested.

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