4 thoughts on “This Is No Ordinary Bunk Room

  1. Parp

    2 weekend nights in July for 2 people in a European capital city centre for €228. So that is about €55 each for a private room with an en suite toilet. That’s a lot cheaper than most hostels or budget accomodation around European cities.

    1. Parp

      Also, I don’t know where you are getting sharing the room from. It is booked by the room, not by the bed. If you book one bed, you’ve booked the whole room.

  2. Starina

    My god. They didn’t even spell “Belvedere” correctly.

    But as Parp said, it’s a twin room. Bunk beds aren’t that uncommon for twins, and you’re booking the whole room, not a dorm bed.

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