27 thoughts on “Meanwhile, In Grogan’s

    1. shortforBob

      You’re under 18?

      Public house is public. Classic pub is classic.

      It’s a small pub, if a table isn’t fully occupied as them if they’ll make room. Most normally will.

    2. Dinny Do Well?

      It’s full of crusties and tourists. The oul lads can be bought in any antiques shop along with the Irish language road signs, tobacco ads, etc, etc.

      Woeful contrivance, well past its sell-by date for being authentic.

  1. Crankier Old Man

    Old News.. It’s been there about a month!

    Guinness is fab but the ole Jacks is still in tatters

  2. Diddy

    Popular pub with possibly the worst pint of Guinness in Dublin, goes to show you once you have a good location who cares what slop you pump

  3. John Cleere

    Bewleys down the road famous for sticky buns. Grogans famous for sticky carpet. They have one thing in common: both overpriced.

  4. Paulus

    The best aspect of Grogan’s is the absence of TVs and background music:
    Beyond that it thrives on a questionable reputation.
    As for the quality of Guinness; I’ve had much better pints in little pubs dotted around the country where the keg is under the counter, i.e. no long pipe run – where it hasn’t been chilled to death and where it’s served in a DRY glass. . . .only without the self-congratulatory fanfare!

    1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

      Clean yer pipes. It makes a huge difference and isn’t that big a job. That’s what makes for a good pint.
      And knowing how to pull a pint. It makes my heart ache when I see kids murdering the process in pubs around town.

  5. Andy Moore

    I haven’t been there in Years . Could be an exhibit piece ? Grogans is a know pub for art appreciation & promotion . Or was anyhows !!

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