The Right Of Suffrage


Yesterday evening.

Aras An Uachtarain, Phoenix Park

Scenes from a a garden party hosted by President Higgins to mark the centenary of (some) women getting the vote in Britain and Ireland with guests that included journalists Ursula Halligan and Vincent Browne.

Sam boal/RollingNews

11 thoughts on “The Right Of Suffrage

  1. scottser

    anybody reading about justice anthony kennedy’s retirement from the US supreme court? the media are calling it ‘a real threat to democracy’ given that trump is likely to nominate a successor who would overturn roe v wade among other rulings

    1. Starina

      yes, it’s pretty terrifying. Let’s see if anybody in DC has the b4lls to stand up and say that Trump shouldn’t be allowed to select a successor while he’s under investigation.

    2. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

      Aye. It’s a basket case over there. Didn’t they pull abortion back to 6 weeks in Iowa recently?
      I think things are getting properly out of hand now. Not just “Ho Ho Trump’s a dangerous fool but nothing’s really changed” to “Holy balls, this is now getting scary”. And yet they still believe. I understand how the Democrats and the extreme liberals get up conservatives’ noses but things are getting properly ugly now. Time for good people to step up.

      1. kellma

        A very good friend of mine lives in Chicago. She cried the night Trump was elected and she regularly says she feels like the US are on the wrong side of history of late. It can’t be easy living in a country like that now when you have a brain. There are a lot of brainless people over there.

        1. Topsy

          Did your friend tell you that over 50% of white women (non 3rd level graduates voted for Trump and that over 45% of white women ( 3rd level graduates voted for Trump. Tell her to dry her crocodile tears.

          1. mildred st meadowlark

            She evidently wasn’t one of them. That little stat you so charmingly produced does not negate her own feelings on the matter.

        2. Rob_G

          Much as I dislike Trump, I am sure that there would have been plenty of people crying if Hillary were elected – that’s democracy, baby.

          It kind of makes you appreciate how (relatively) non-toxic politics is over here – while lots of people might disagree with the politics of either FF or FG, I can’t really see people reacting with anything more than mild disappointment when either are elected.

          1. ahjayzis


            But they wouldn’t be crying over their government stripping them of hard won civil rights.

          2. Starina

            You mean like the children crying as they’re torn from their parents at the border?

            It’s waaaay too late in the game for “Hillary would have been just as bad”

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