Dinny On The Telly


RTÉ One will broadcast a feature length documentary profiling businessman Denis O’Brien next week.


Set your VHS players.

Gareth Naughton writes:

In ‘Denis O’Brien: The Story So Far’,  RTÉ’s David Murphy follows O’Brien’s business career from early ventures including a home shopping channel which collapsed, his early successes in radio, the launch of telecoms group Esat and the controversial award of the second mobile phone licence.

It includes an interview with Michael Lowry

…Former US President Bill Clinton

..and contributions from former INM executives Gavin O’Reilly and the company’s late chairman James Osborne.


Denis O’Brien: The Story So Far will air on RTÉ One on Wednesday, July 4 at 9.35pm.

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34 thoughts on “Dinny On The Telly

  1. Diddles

    Long time since he’s been featured on rte. He’s come a long way from drawing owls

    1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

      Heh. He’s very like him. I never noticed that. Don something, wasn’t it?

    1. Daisy Chainsaw

      Unless it’s a fawning puff peice produced by a [Redacted] subsidiary to show us just how glorious and beneficial his presence (from his Maltese tax haven) is to us, the little people.

      This is why I don’t have a TV licence and when I’m brought to trial, I’ll include this as my defence.

      1. anne

        I’m getting letters in the door to “the resident”.. that your man called & I appear to have a telly. Ignore till they get my name, ja think? A resident can’t go to court right…

        160 euro..I have better things to be doing with my money than paying for Turbridy or Joe to be sh*ting on and they’re gouging me left right & centre at the moment elsewhere.

        1. Crusty Burger

          I admire your attitude, Lady In Red.

          There’s millions of people like you, thank God.
          People who admit it online.
          They wont have time to catch people like me,*

          Rock on.

          *I have a license. I’m proud of it.. [True or False.]

          1. anne

            Buzzzzzz..zzzzz oh there it is again…like a house fly that won’t p*ss off, you just want it to fly off n find a pile a sh*t somewhere or die.

  2. Sheik Yahbouti

    Let us Irish and the Haitian people join together in singing that fine old hymn – “What a Friend we have in Denis”.

  3. Andy Moore

    It could be produced & directed in a specific way that could constitute satire ?? It’s a plug for the Ivans on other side @ 11 when the Spectorati tune in to see if anything libellous happens !

  4. Otis Blue

    I’d definitely watch this if it was presented by sometime broadsheet commenter and would-be Dinny nemesis, johnny.

    1. Johnny

      Hi Ottis,I will add bitta color over weekend :)
      Teaser-it was alleged in a fabulous lawsuit in Cali that Smurit was his original backer in the radio business,it involved allegations of a Garda cover up,car crash,dead aunt….
      Have a great Friday night,loved your reading list.

      1. Lilly

        The nephew wrote a book about that, Johnny. Was he alleging that financial backing was in essence a form of compensation that went to the wrong cousin?

        If I could roll back time, I’d go back to maybe 1992 before I ever heard the menace’s name, and Ireland seemed less… American.

        1. johnny

          Its the usual suspects, reeling in the years, line up.I’m more interested in Digicel,to answer your question, self published a number of them, variety topics.I always felt this family quarrel was very Irish-Dennis certainly deployed significant firepower to put it out.

  5. Johnny

    Ps-I’d happily post more but there’s this really creepy and weird old gay guy,who’s also a devotee (fetish with handicapped people) who worryingly has developed a really unhealthy obsession with me,thankfully (gosh I hope so) he doesn’t know where I live,or I’d be getting a restraining order:)

      1. Johnny

        All joshing aside-he’s now making overtly sexual references and putting up links to porn sites-saying he’s recognizing me on them-I post here because off the crap MMS in Ireland,who have been “money whipped” (legal term for suing everyone) by DOB!
        Not to be told to wear clamps on my nipples by that weirdo-who needs that harassment ?

  6. anne

    State funded pile a sh*te telly, create a program on a state funded billionaire.. did I miss anything?

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