Please Assume The Bracing Position


Result of Ryanair pilots’ strike ballot due (RTÉ)


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10 thoughts on “Please Assume The Bracing Position

  1. Christopher

    It’s hard to be a socialist when you see people taking advantage of collective bargaining like this. Pilots have very cushy working conditions as it is and it’s unreasonable to expect the same conditions as national flag carriers that are basically bankrupt and running on state subsidies or historic cash reserves.

        1. uygiy

          Sorry Christopher, are you talking about the hugely profitable Aer Lingus who are owned by British Airways?

        2. Sheik Yahbouti

          Are you seriously trying to allege that you’re a Socialist, Christopher, after these two posts?

          1. Christopher

            Yes I am. Pilots are not some put upon minority- they are an extremely privileged elite who work very little hours for a very good salary. They strike because they know that will have terrible consequences not just for their employers but all those who rely on the service- it’s blackmail. If it was the cabin crew in Ryanair striking I would be fully behind them- they are treated like dirt and earn tiny salaries and are always under threat of being fired if they dont meet their sales targets. The pilots have a good job protected by very strict legislation. If conditions are so nice on other airlines they should just go work there.

          2. Rob_G

            @ Christopher –

            Welcome to early 21st century syndicalism – the only people that go on strike these days are in state-subsidised/heavily-regulated industries, where the strikers are in a position greatly inconvenience large numbers of people (who have much lower pay and conditions than the strikers, usually).

  2. andy

    Claims for preferential treatment and access to posts based on seniority…….

    Is that a two-tier system?

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