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Free next October?

Buzz O’Nelil Maxwell writes:

Ireland Week in Los Angeles 2017 was a sold-out week-long series of events held in October that focused on modern Ireland.

The platform was specifically created to showcase modern Irish business while showing the importance of the influence of Irish culture

The anchor event of the week was the Connect353 conference which attracted  influential Irish and American speakers including Star Wars; The Last Jedi Director Rian Johnson and producer Ram Bergman, (pic 2), Donal Skehan, Fionnula Flanagan, Chris O’Dowd, (top with Miss Panti at her LA Improv show) and many others….

IrelandWeek returns on 25th October 25– Nov.ember 4. Sign up here for tickets.

IrelandWeek 2018

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15 thoughts on “Ireland’s LA Story

  1. SOQ

    Didn’t that Panti wan do well for herself?

    Sure it’s not that long ago since she was shoplifting in Dunnes.

  2. Not On Your Nelly

    As YouTube videos go, this was a bad one. Is there a point? And an actual video presentation?

    1. SOQ

      Yes Ms. Panti has a large willy on occasion. I was told I could have the same but… I can’t afford those prices right now.

      1. The other O'Shaugnessy Twins

        Maybe if you opened you’re mouth wider.
        Or learn to close it when you have nothing to say…
        I dunno. It’s just an idea.

        If you can learn to take a joke you could probably handle it.

        1. SOQ

          Oh look another smart a$$ posting under a new name, or are you one of the existing ones?

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