You May Not Be Ready For This Jelly


High Time cookery show.

How to make crunchy, booze-laced jelly.

Matt (top) writes:

Something simple and sweet for the hot weather! We’re also looking for anyone with suggestions of dishes/recipes for us to try out, or if anyone is looking for tips on how to cook something they’re not sure of – we’d love to feature it. They can drop something in the comments, or go to our new and tumbleweed infested subreddit!

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10 thoughts on “You May Not Be Ready For This Jelly

  1. DaithiG

    There’s a Master Chef style cooking show on Netflix where all the meals have to have cannabis in it.

  2. Blank Page

    I met Matt once or twice, Ages ago.
    I can’t remember much about it. I was sorting him out with a nodge.
    The nodge turned out to be what connoisseurs call ‘diesel’, but that wasn’t my fault. I was just the middle-man.

    We lost touch after that.

    If you’re reading Matt, I have better ingredients for whatever recipe you can conjure up these daze.

    1. Blank page

      You’re a sound bloke Matt. I’m just glad I’m never going to eat anything you cook.
      Nothing personal.

      Fupping doctors… what do they know, eh?
      They think they’re better than us.

      Have they got two avatars?
      – I don’t think so.

  3. Frilly Keane

    Don’t forget we’ve our own BakeSheet already in design, studio planning
    Recipe testing
    Sponsor vetting
    All sorts of serious stuff

    Even a visit t’ dear Tent

      1. Une page blanche

        Buck the free-grudgers Matt, always.

        One of these days you’ll cook something that looks edible.
        NEVER give up. :-)

    1. Blank Paige (The sexy version)

      I remember him, or should I say her…
      I was in Primary School and less than 10yrs old.
      It was a popular thing in our schoolyard.

      Mrs Kelly, with the big fat belly,
      Slidin’ on a lump of jelly…

      We had a teacher called Missus Kelly.
      It was a long time ago.
      We were kids.
      We knew no better.
      She’s probably dead now.

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