Shnakey Ladder


A judge was shown this photo of Alan Farrell taken in  Skerries, County Dublin in August 2015 at a time when the Fine Gael TD claimed he suffered ‘painful neck and shoulder injuries from a car accident caused by a spider’ three months earlier.

Niall Gubbins writes:

The Indo normally give a lot of prominence (online especially) to “unusual” personal injury claims. However I can’t seem to find reference to this one online on any of the main news sites. Surely they’re not treating the claimant differently because of his job?

Judge shown snap of Fine Gael TD Alan Farrell up ladder with poster of himself before he brands his €15k prang injury case ‘unusual’ (The Irish Sun)

11 thoughts on “Shnakey Ladder

  1. Murtles

    But why award €2,500 if there was no evidence of damage, questionable medical reports, evidence showing him up a ladder when he said he was in pain and evidence from 2 witnesses to say it was a minor bump and he jumped out of the car straight away with no signs of injury. Judge should have struck out the case and awarded costs against him. Another hike in insurance premiums probably because of this poohawkery.

  2. Dhaughton99

    Every halfwit wannabe politician is putting up posters around Clondalkin for the past few weeks. Everything from “your rights online” workshops, jobs help clinics and housing marches.

  3. Spaghetti Hoop

    The honesty of the woman that bumped into him compared to him. Bet he thinks he’s an upstanding member of the community too.

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